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If you’re selling Amazon FBA, there’s a high chance that some of your items have been lost or damaged. Eva has a dedicated in-house team for its Amazon Reimbursement Service to analyze your past 18 months of data, detect and submit your potential FBA Reimbursement claims and follow up until getting them approved.

  • Transparent Process
  • In-House Dedicated Team
  • Completely Trackable
  • 99% Successful Cases

What our customers say about us

For 6 months we were claiming from Amazon that our product measurements were wrong and we had no success. Reimbursement companies didnt want to do that as they want easy money. Finally we met with Eva guys and guess what we got $15,000 recovered !
L. Feinberg
L. Feinberg
Eva Reimbursement team is very responsive and they were able to increase our reimbursements by 50% in a month for a much lower cost. We are able to leverage Eva AI Platform to monitor the reimbursements in real time which helped us to better understand how the process works, where previously we used Reimbursement companies that worked like a black box. Thank you to the great team being fast, effective and transparent
Emre O
Emre O.
We worked with a Reimbursement company charging us a 25% success fee for years and they spend the money on parties. With Eva we were able to reduce our reimbursement costs by 50% and got even more reimbursements than before. Thank you, Eva!
Adam E.
Adam E.
Lost Inventory
Lost Inventory
We detect all the lost items in the FBA warehouse or during FC transfer (inbound) and file a refund claim.
Damaged Items
Damaged Items
Discovering all the items damaged in the warehouse or during FC transfer (inbound)
Customer Returns
Customer Returns
We analyze all returned items based on the inventory situation and revenue, detect incorrect returned Items to file reimbursement cases.
Removal Claims
Removal Claims
Covering lost & damaged items while transferring from Amazon fulfillment center to your shipping address
Overcharged Fees
Overcharged Fees
We double-check all the fees that Amazon has charged you to find out where Amazon has overcharged you and file a Reimbursement claim.
Carrier Lost & Damaged Items
Carrier Lost & Damaged Items
We compare the data before and after delivering items to the carrier to detect lost and damaged items and file a reimbursement claim for each one.

Eva - The Smartest Way to Get Your Money Back

  • 1 Connect Your Store
  • 2 Eva identifies potential cases
  • 3 We submit your refund claim
  • 4 We follow up until the case is approved

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