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10 Amazon FBA Errors You Can Get Reimbursement For

10 Amazon FBA Errors You Can Get Reimbursement For
  • 2021 Nov 29
  • Alan Kilich
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Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is perhaps the most popular selling model on Amazon. In FBA, Amazon is fully responsible for product warehousing and delivery, as well as any associated logistics. Of course, Amazon does not provide this service for free and charges sellers. For storage space and orders that Amazon fulfills, sellers pay an FBA fee. However, you might encounter some incorrect charges and be asked to pay more. When this happens, do not worry because it is possible to fix it.

In this article, we will go over the 10 Amazon FBA errors you can get reimbursed for.

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10 Amazon FBA Errors You Can Get Reimbursed For

1- Overcharged Commissions 

Amazon has a commission charge tier for each product category. The fees can range from 6% to 45%, depending on the category. The commission can go even higher if the seller provides extended warranties.

Imagine that commissions on your items range from 8% to 15%. Consider how much money you’d lose if FBA charged you 15% instead of 8% for your product. This is a rare blunder, but it does happen. You have the right to make a refund claim if a commission fee was charged incorrectly.

2- Shipper-caused Damage

You expect your package to arrive in one piece at Amazon’s warehouse when you mail it to them. However, the shipper you choose might occasionally cause harm to the products you’re sending. You can quickly see which goods the shipper damaged on the route to the warehouse using the Seller Central dashboard. According to Amazon’s policy, you may request a refund. Before filing for compensation, be sure there aren’t any more broken items in the shipment.

3- Shipping-Damaged Returns

The courier or Amazon may damage a product on its way back to you, with no fault on the part of the buyer returning it. These damaged returns will be delivered to the Amazon warehouse. If the damage renders the merchandise unsuitable or unsellable, Amazon will compensate you.

4- Incorrectly Deducted Stock

One of the biggest benefits of selling on Amazon is that you can easily track inbound shipments. You may check for any difficulties with an inbound shipment to Amazon through the Seller Central dashboard. It will also inform you of the number of units Amazon has accepted for sale. There are some situations when Amazon deducts units after a shipment has closed due to a mistake. In such instances, you can make a compensation claim.

5- Non-Refundable Refunds 

This is one of the most commonly encountered Amazon errors. Even if there was no return, the store could provide a refund to the buyer. Of course, this return is deducted from your account, so you lose money. Furthermore, the item does not exist in your inventory. Track your returns and refunds regularly, and make a reimbursement claim if there is a discrepancy.

6- Restocking Fee Error

When a buyer returns a high-value item, Amazon frequently charges them a restocking fee of 20%. When the item is returned to Amazon, the restocking charge is credited to your account. However, you will not be charged this price if there is a non-return or a damaged return. You can file a reimbursement claim if Amazon makes a mistake and does not refund the restocking charge when it should.

7- Lost Return

A customer return should, in theory, make its way back into your stock. This process, though, can occasionally run into problems. Your return may end up in the hands of another seller. The seller will return your item to the warehouse, where it will be examined once more. However, it may not be put on your FBA account record again. In this situation, you are entitled to compensation as a result.

8- Refund Exceeds Returns

When this error is encountered, many customers are overjoyed. They feel as if they received a gift from a major retailer. It is, however, money taken from the accounts of small and medium-sized businesses like yours. You can use Amazon Seller Central to see which customers have gotten refunds in excess of the number of returns and register a claim for reimbursement.

9- Losses in the Warehouse

Amazon employs hundreds of people in each of its massive warehouses. You should understand that accidents can happen when so many people are in one place. When you reconcile your Seller Central reports at the end of the month, you’ll be able to discover which stuff Amazon damaged, and then you can request a refund. 

10- Incorrect Weight/Dimension Fees

In some rare circumstances, Amazon may charge your items more for weight or size than they actually have.   When you find the error after a few weeks or months, this might cost you a lot. But no worries. Fortunately, you can get a complete refund. Especially if you have a reimbursement service like Eva, you can quickly and easily detect these problems and get a refund without effort. 

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Understandably, Amazon errors are annoying. However, you do not have to be worried as long as there is a solution to these problems. It is possible to get reimbursed for all errors originating from Amazon. Accordingly, you should follow your business, quickly act when there is an error and start a case for it. But if you do not have enough time to follow and create cases or are having trouble with reimbursement cases, there is a much easier and more effective way to get over the process: employing a reimbursement service.

It helps you check your Amazon storefront data every day for missed FBA reimbursements and submit claims on your behalf to Amazon. Also, it tracks the major financial metrics of your Amazon business and shows all the analytics data of your FBA reimbursement. In this way, you can get your money back from Amazon without difficulty.

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