Amazon Best Sellers Rank: All You Need to Know to Get It Fast!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: All You Need to Know to Get It Fast!

  • 2020 Dec 21
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Understanding the basics of Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) helps you to sell fast, rank high, and grow your eCommerce business. Nowadays, marketing trends move fast, which is why Amazon is keen on focusing on products that sell the most during a specific period. In other words, catching these waves of marketing trends, you, as a merchant, should pay attention to Amazon Best Sellers Ranking (BSR).

Understanding the Amason Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and its impact on your business leads you to the path of success. This article covers essential topics for you to utilize Amazon BSR in your eCommerce business.

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) or otherwise known as the Amazon Sales Rank, is a score that Amazon assigns to your specific product based on its sales history. In other words, once your item has at least one sale, the system assigns a number for it.

Understanding the scoring is an excellent indicator of how well your product sells on Amazon. The lower product’s BSR number, the better it sells. Meaning it will rank higher compared to other products in the same category. You can find a product’s BSR ranking listed on multiple pages, including the main Best Selling Products page, within a product’s detail page, and on a category-level Best Selling Products page.

How is Amazon BSR calculated?

What makes the Amazon BSR special is its connection to marketing trends. Amazon does consider sales from previous years but don’t be surprised if your BSR score is not the same as before. Usually, the hottest new products swoop in and take the highest ranks based on the current selling trends.

Amazon hasn’t revealed its secret on how BSR is calculated. However, some factors have an impact when calculating BSR:

  • Current and past sales
  • Changes in the product price and promotions
  • Similar competitive products

Difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Rank

Typically, newer sellers confuse Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Ranking. While both are important, their function is different.

As mentioned before, Amazon calculates BSR automatically based on your recent sales. However, Organic Ranking indicates how well the product ranks for a specific keyword. Your product appears on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP) based on that particular keyword. Amazon arranges these results accordingly to what it views as most relevant to the given keyword, hence your product’s organic rank.

Especially if you are a private label seller on Amazon, Organic Ranking is very valuable. The higher your item shows up in the SERP; the more probable clients will click on it and buy it.

What Is a Good Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

There’s no correct answer to this question. A good Best Seller Rank differs for each category depending on the typical sales volumes of that product group.

Some products sell faster and have more units than a product in other categories. For example, if your product’s category falls under ‘Computers and Accessories’ and holds the BSR #20, it would mean an estimated 270-300 sales per day.

On the contrary, if your product’s category is ‘Beauty and Personal Care,’ you would have to reach daily sales of 1650-1770 to achieve the same rank.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

The key point for improving your BRS is to think like your customers. Consider how people intending to purchase your product would act when searching for it. Is the vital filter for them the price, review rating, prime, or something else?

Suppose you own a private label on Amazon. In that case, you especially should pay attention to your BSR because it affects how well your products appear on SERP.

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When you learn to understand Amazon Best Sellers Rank, you can gain valuable insight into your own business as your competitors. Additionally, to maximize your Amazon store growth, combining this insight with a powerful tool is essential.

Eva’s intelligent repricer is capable to use BSR data to optimize prices accordingly and maintain or even improve your rank among competitors! Sign up now and start your free 15-day trial.

Robert Runyon is the Director of Growth at Eva, a global tech company & Amazon services provider for growing 7/8-figure eCommerce brands. Robert has a background in B2B marketing, Amazon & 3rd party logistics, and runs the day-to-day marketing operations at Eva. He manages the marketing campaigns, publishes weekly podcast episodes & attends trade shows across the world taking pictures with thousands of people.

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