Amazon FBA Export: A Perfect Way to Start Selling Globally

Amazon FBA Export: A Perfect Way to Start Selling Globally


Amazon FBA Export is a program for sellers who are considering selling internationally. Enabling Amazon FBA Export in your Seller Central account can help you extend your company to more than 100 countries and regions.

You can sell goods you sell every day as part of your Amazon FBA company abroad without having to deal with customs, international shipping fees, or customer support in a foreign language, for example.

This platform has the potential to increase your client base by millions of people across the world. People from almost 70 different nations frequent the marketplace alone. Consider the potential consumers you’re missing out on if your goods aren’t accessible for export.

Enrolling in the FBA Export program is a straightforward procedure that does not need any extra effort on the seller’s part. FBA costs are the same for domestic and international orders. Therefore, there is no additional expense. The buyer will pay international shipping and customs taxes. As a seller, make sure that the products are accessible via the FBA program in their home marketplace and that the FBA Export platform is turned on.

What Is the Amazon FBA Export Program and How It Work?

You can only sell your goods to customers in your home marketplace unless you sell abroad or have previously activated the FBA Export program. That implies that if a client from another nation tries to buy the item from your Amazon marketplace, they will be unable to do so since your Amazon account is not set up to export the item.

Let us suppose that you’re selling a ‘travel mug’ on If a customer from the United Kingdom visits in search of this particular mug, he or she will be unable to buy it (even though it is listed on the website) unless the customer is registered in the FBA export program. If you join the program, however, that item will be accessible to that UK customer and other customers from over 100 countries across the globe at no additional cost to you.

When a buyer from a country other than the one where you sell makes an order for an item enrolled in the FBA Export program, Amazon will complete the order, manage import duties and customs clearance, and send the item to the foreign customer’s address. As previously stated, the foreign buyer would cover the cost of shipping and import tax; thus, you, as the seller, would incur no extra costs.

How Do You Get Involved in Amazon FBA Export Program?

Amazon identifies the products that are acceptable for export. Go to the Reports tab, pick Fulfillment, and then choose the Exportable Inventory report from your Seller Central dashboard. Amazon refreshes this data frequently, so if your things aren’t showing up right now, they could soon.

All you have to do now is join the FBA Export program. To do so, go to Settings, Fulfillment by Amazon, Export Settings, and double-check that the marketplace where you’re selling is enabled.

Limited Items in Amazon FBA Program

For a variety of reasons, not everything can be exported. In addition to Amazon’s own internal policy constraints, there are certain trade limitations, product compliance requirements, transportation, and logistical limits. These may be related to the item’s category, weight, and size.

A merchant may also have geographical limits on the things they sell, preventing them from being exported. Someone may be the sole distributor of a toy brand in the United States but not have the geographical rights to sell the same things in Europe, for example. In this situation, they would not want to export the things from the United States since their contract with the brand forbids it.

What Makes Amazon FBA Export Different From Selling on Another Platform?

Only the marketplace you’re selling on is covered by the FBA export program. It does not imply that your things will be available in another marketplace.

If you enlist in the FBA Export program and your products are on, they will not appear on or They will only be available on, but if a consumer from the United Kingdom or Germany signed on to (rather than their local marketplace), they would be able to buy your enrolled products, which would then be sent from the United States to the United Kingdom or Germany.

If you wish to sell your things on other marketplaces, you’ll need to create a new seller account, such as one for Europe. This approach does need the use of more resources. Selling on a separate marketplace necessitates creating new listings, shipping products to a foreign nation, and managing numerous seller accounts. There are also cultural, legal, and financial considerations to make.


Amazon FBA Export program should be a no-brainer if you don’t have any jurisdictional constraints that prevent you from selling your things worldwide. It doesn’t cost you anything more and is a simple method to extend your consumer base.

You’re also gathering information to discover whether any specific nations are purchasing your products. The data may then be used to create an analysis to assist you in picking which nation to invest in and establishing a presence there.

All this data guides your investments and developments while selling online. You can access certain data through Amazon Seller Central, but Seller Central leaves you alone for comprehensive analysis and pricing. But if you’re using Eva, you don’t have to worry about them.

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