The Quick and Essential Guide to Amazon Lightning Deals [2022 Updated]

The Quick and Essential Guide to Amazon Lightning Deals [2022 Updated]


Amazon lightning deals are a great way to get your products in front of more buyers. But, knowing how to make the most of these sales opportunities is the key. This quick and essential guide will cover everything you need to know about Amazon’s lightning deals program to make the most of this powerful selling tool. Stay tuned for tips on how to time your lightning deals, create effective promo materials, and more!

What are Amazon Lightning Deals?

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you’re probably aware that being competitive is not enough. But Amazon Lightning Deals can help you surpass this competition and charm your visitors. But what are these Amazon Lightning Deals? Simply, they are Amazon’s promotional offers only available for a short period, like 4-6 hours on the “today’s deals page.” 

Running Amazon Lightning Deals is an effective way to increase sales for Amazon sellers who are looking for a strong strategy. Also, creating them is not as difficult as it seems. 

Amazon Lightning Deals are sponsored promotions that allow sellers to give substantial discounts on certain products. They’re available on the ‘Today’s Deals’ tab.

Thousands of people take advantage of this unique type of deal every day. During Prime Day lightning deals, they become exclusive to Amazon Prime Day members.

Customers can save money on various items, including electronics, clothes, household appliances, and more. You can see when the deal ends on the product page. Each deal has a limited time for each customer.

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How to create an Amazon Lightning Deal?

To create Amazon Lightning Deals, you must carry out the following :

1- Make Sure You’re Eligible

You must have a Professional Seller account, get at least five Seller Feedback Ratings every month, and have an overall rating of at least 3.5 stars to be eligible for these promotions.

In addition, your product must meet specific requirements:

  • Have at least a 3-star Amazon rating and a sales history.
  • You must be Prime-eligible in all locations.
  • Pay attention to Amazon’s price policies.
  • Be unfettered and suitable and inoffensive.
  • Make sure you’re in ‘New Condition.’
  • Make as many different variants as you can.
  • Comply with the regulations governing customer product reviews.
  • Stick to the deal frequency policy.

2- Go to the Deals Section of Amazon Seller Central.

Go to Amazon Seller Central and log in when you’ve confirmed that your Amazon seller account and product are eligible for Amazon Lightning Deals. Once there, click ‘Deals’ under the ‘Promotions’ option.

3- Choose ‘Create a new deal’ From the Menu

You’ll see all of your past promos and a deals button that says ‘Create a new offer.’ Click there.

4- Select Product

You can select an eligible product there and fill out the offer details.

5- Schedule Your Amazon Lightning Deal 

After you’ve submitted all of the necessary details for your Amazon Lightning Deals, you’ll need to choose a promotion period. You can’t choose the exact day and hour that your Lightning Deal will appear on Amazon because of the Policy of Amazon.

6- Create and Customize your Lightning Deal

After you’ve determined the time, you’ll need to input the deal’s cost and the number of units offered.

The deal price is the highest price you want to sell your product. You must provide at least a 15% discount when selling on Amazon. Then, commit a certain amount of units to the transaction. You can offer any or all of the variations if your product has any.

7- Review and Submit Your Work.

Submit your Lightning Deal for approval once you’ve decided that all your information is right. The approval procedure is usually instantaneous.

The Fees

This is maybe the most obnoxious requirement for merchants. To conduct Amazon lightning deals, you’ll be charged $150.00. The charge is unaffected by the commodity’s price, quantity, or quality. However, the rate is subject to seasonality, demand, and special events.

When you want to request a lightning deal, you can view the charge by clicking the ‘Submit’ button. After the sale has run in the marketplace, Amazon will deduct this amount automatically.

Perhaps the expense of lightning transactions will diminish earnings or put some sellers out of business. However, you must consider the endgame. A minor revenue sacrifice might sometimes help you increase your long-term income.

Are Amazon Lightning Deals Worth Using?

Lightning offers provide sellers a great opportunity to increase sales and visibility. It’s an excellent resource for achieving the coveted Amazon Best Seller status.

But why not adhere to the tried-and-true methods of promotion? On the other hand, Amazon Lightning Deals are about more than just raising sales. 

Visibility Ranking and Visibility

One of Amazon’s most popular pages is ‘Today’s Deals.’ As a result, Lighting Deals make your products more noticeable right away.

Special offers attract new clients. A single deal sale might bring a flood of customers to your store. In addition, some customers may wish to explore your store more.

Each lightning sale will help you climb the Amazon search rankings. In the long term, this implies more people will view your stuff.

Amazon Inventory Management Inventory Control

Long-term losses result from excess inventories. That’s why sellers usually want to get rid of stale inventory while earning a profit.

Amazon Lightning Deals are a great way to get rid of excess inventory. You’ll free up warehouse space and avoid paying long-term storage expenses.

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New Product Promotion

It’s sometimes difficult to predict if a new product will be a hit on Amazon. First and foremost, sellers must invest in visibility and then wait for a reaction from the market.

Amazon Lightning Deals might help speed up the process. Put the product in front of a large number of people for a short time. Then, they’ll get the opportunity to learn about the new offer and put it to the test.

If the new listing is successful, some consumers can provide good reviews. These will help you improve your Amazon ranking and reputation even further.


Customers are always looking for the greatest deals on Amazon. And Amazon Lightning Deals are among the most affordable options available.

As a result, having an Amazon Lighting Deal could be a game-changer in brand visibility and consumer satisfaction. But, of course, there are benefits and negatives to consider. Perhaps after some serious consideration, you’ve decided that Lightning Deals aren’t for you.

Stay tuned for tips on how to time your lightning deals, create effective promo materials, and more! Are you ready to start taking maximum advantage of Amazon’s advertising platform? If so, don’t forget to get our Free PPC Audit now.