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12 Super Repricing Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Did you know that the prices for each product on Amazon change constantly! Repricing strategies are the essential keys to open competition doors at that point. For instance, If a seller on Amazon wants to keep up with the competition, they need to regularly update their listing’s prices to stay competitive.

Whether the seller makes the changes manually or uses an Amazon repricer tool, each way requires a thought-out strategy. Notably each year it is becoming less possible to effectively sell on Amazon manually, without a repricing solution.

Why Repricing Strategy is Important?

Repricing must be a critical part of your Amazon seller strategy because your costs before obtaining a profit will constantly change.

Costs that will change beyond your control include your product’s initial price, Amazon fees, and supply and demand fluctuations.

Your product’s initial cost will keep changing depending on your wholesaler because of research costs, raw material costs, and transportation expenses.

When demand is high, and supply is low, you have more authority in dictating prices. But once the supply starts to increase, your prices will need to become more competitive.

You must consider Amazon’s Pro Subscription fee, storage and fulfillment costs, and others.

Since these prices will continually change depending on external circumstances and affect your bottom line, you must be prepared to reprice your products accordingly and strategically. In this way, you can use repricing strategies to garner the most sales and revenue.

Manual Vs. Automatic Repricing

You can manually reprice your products using Amazon Seller Central or using an Amazon repricer tool. However, you create a lot of unnecessary work for yourself when repricing manually.

This unnecessary work will entail working through each of your listings individually, first to recall which strategy is necessary and then update each price. Not only must you complete these tasks, but you must also check how your competitors are repricing their products, make calculations, import results, and more.

As human beings, we also will 100% make errors beyond our control. It is only human to make errors. However, errors in this business can result in costly mistakes and losing sale opportunities. Alternatively, you could even be selling your products that you’ve spent hours meticulously repricing at a loss!  

Therefore, manual repricing to win the buy box cannot be reliably done by a human in 2021. An intelligent AI-based repricer, however, will help you significantly streamline the process.

In this blog, you will learn the best Amazon repricing strategies to compete with fellow sellers on Amazon effectively. Whether you have one listing or more than a thousand, these strategies will help you optimize your performance and maximize your sales.

The Top Repricing Strategies

Here are the top strategies to help you stay competitive and win the buy box against fellow sellers.

#1. Run Sales for Special Occasions

Special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays are prime times to reduce your prices and run sales to drive your product sales higher than usual.

#2. Continue Repricing Even When You’re the Sole Seller

When you’re the only seller your repricer should increase your price while maintaining the buy box. But it would be best if you still repriced to stay competitive when another seller eventually does start selling the same product. Using this strategy, you can maintain your “win” on the buy box at the optimal price. It is almost important that your repricer takes into account available inventory so you do not run out of stock when the sole seller.

#3. Match the Condition with the Listing

If you sell products that aren’t fresh or new, do not set your repricing strategy using an FBA repricer to compare it with a new item. If you sell refurnished or used products, ensure your items are not priced higher than new versions.

In addition, a good rule of thumb is to compete effectively with items that are in the same category as yours. So, if you sell used Nike Sneakers, you want to compete with other used Nike Sneakers.

#4. Look at Your Data Regularly

A Young Brown-Haired Woman Wearing A White Shirt Is Using An Amazon Repricer Tool On Her Grey Laptop While She Sits In A Cozy Vintage Cafe With Plants, Bowls, And Vintage Furniture Around Her

While an AI-based repricer can undoubtedly do the bulk of your repricing work, you are still the business owner! Therefore, you must check in with your data points and calibrate your Amazon repricing software accordingly at least once a week

#5. Avoid Being the Cheapest Seller in the Listing

Contrary to popular opinion and notion, you do not need to be the cheapest seller to succeed and win the buy box! This race to the bottom might be a waste of your time and money.

While cheap products are appreciated and bought, customers are also wary of low-quality products. Therefore, they can also look at other sellers simply by clicking a button. Many buyers consider factors outside the product’s price.

High-quality customer service, faster shipping, and delivery timelines, and premier product reviews will help you ensure sales even when you’re not the lowest pricing seller for a product.

A Blonde Woman In A Red Shirt With Black And Brown Sunglasses On Her Head Is Smiling At Her Laptop Screen With Her Credit Card In Her Hand, Presumably Ordering Items Online As She Is Surrounded By Red, Yellow, Blue, And Grey Gift Bags From Her Previous Online Purchases

#6. Utilize Your Experience by Making Business Decisions

While it is recommended to use an AI-powered Amazon repricing platform, you must also continue to use your wits and business sense as you engage with selling on Amazon.

The Amazon optimization platform will perform nicely and give you high-quality results when you give it high-quality, informed instructions.

When you have many products on Amazon, you have already garnered the experience you need to make intelligent decisions and understand both competitor and consumer behavior.

You can use previous behavioral trends to predict future ones. You must know when an item is worth trying to sell again and worth it. Additionally, you must know when upselling is your best option to sell an item.

#7. Prioritize Your Repricing Needs

Ensure you have an order in which you want to reprice your products. You will want to target the stock collecting dust in the FBA warehouses first to get them sold faster.

You must bear in mind that Amazon will charge you long-term storage fees if your item is there for longer than a full year. This cost is another reason ordering your repricing needs is critical.

Not only do you get to sell your stock in a more timely manner using this repricing strategy, but you also get to avoid paying Amazon’s long-term storage costs.

#8. Customize Your Competition

You will not have to compete with everyone selling a product. Not only will this activity be unnecessary, but it will also be a waste of your energy. As an FBA seller, you’re not competing with non-FBA sellers. Therefore, you can exclude them from your competitors.

When you carefully choose who you compete with, you will find it far easier to maintain profits and reach your targets.

A Woman Wearing A Black Shirt And Blue Jeans Is Sitting In A Straw Chair As She Scrolls Through Amazon To Look At Grey Pants And A Red Top While She Snuggles With Her Woolen Scarf

#9. Consider Shipping Costs

You must consider shipping costs when you reprice your products on Amazon. Amazon will display your items according to their price and shipping requirements. While FBA merchants attain free shipping using Prime, your competitors will be repricing to include shipping costs.

The best Amazon repricing software will analyze your competitors’ total prices with shipping costs included. The software will then reprice your product accordingly, minimizing the manual aspect of repricing in this way.

#10. Win the Buy Box

The most convenient way to garner the most sales from a listing is to win the buy box on Amazon for your product. You must keep in mind that winning the buy box means you are the “ultimate” seller on the listing, depending on your performance and other factors.

Choose the Best Fulfillment Method for You

Fulfilled by Amazon, or FBA, sellers are already more likely to win the buy box because Amazon is fulfilling the product and is therefore running a significant part of the operation. Therefore, Amazon will want to ensure its customers have a fantastic shopping experience.

Another option is FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant. In this case, sellers will place their products on listings in Amazon and ship their products themselves. In this way, the seller is responsible for fulfilling all their orders instead of Amazon.

While FBM can be an attractive option for products with inherently lower profit margins, it is often considered sub-par due to the streamlined handling, packing, shipping, and other benefits associated with the FBA program.

As a clear bonus, sellers who choose to go with the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program are more likely to win the buy box where their products are listed on Amazon. Being associated with a big brand has its benefits here.

Regularly Measure Your Seller Performance

To ensure you are the “ultimate” seller worthy of winning the buy box, you must regularly check on your performance. Make sure you have low returns, minimal pre-fulfillment cancellations, good feedback, and high ratings. You can discover more about measuring your performance here.

#11. Don’t Be Intimidated When Competing with Amazon

When competing with Amazon, many sellers get intimidated and think it’s not worth it to stay on the listing. The truth is that it is challenging to compete with Amazon, but it’s not impossible.

You would rightfully assume that Amazon naturally wins the buy box for the products it sells. However, pricing your product just below Amazon’s price will result in many users clicking over to your listing for the product. They will click through to your listing in this case even though you haven’t secured the buy box!

Additionally, you can win the buy box from Amazon using highly competitive repricing strategies. This feat is challenging, but it can be (and has been) done.

#12. Set Repricing Rules with a Repricer Tool

When using an Amazon repricer tool, it’s important to set parameters for the minimum and maximum prices you’re comfortable setting for your product.

A Woman Is Writing Down Minimum And Maximum Prices For Her Amazon Repricer Tool

Multimillion-dollar sellers are loving Amazon repricer tools because they understand one can’t spend most of one’s time analyzing competitors to change listing prices 24/7.

But an AI-based repricing software can do just that, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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