How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon
  • 2021 Feb 10
  • Alan Kilich
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When you sell on Amazon, customers are not always delighted with the product they get and leave a negative review. However, sometimes the feedback they give is not fair. To protect your business from unjust criticism, the best action to take is to remove negative feedback on Amazon. Getting negative reviews on your seller account can impact your sales, profits, and especially the Buy Box percentage.

In this article, we cover simple ways on how to get rid of negative reviews and improve your feedback score.

Why removing negative feedback matter?

As mentioned before, receiving negative reviews has damaging effects on your sales and your business’s success. If you remove negative feedback on Amazon, especially if it is unfairly given, you can keep your business up and running longer.

On the contrary, maintaining a high feedback rating has many benefits. Most importantly, it makes you appear trustworthy for both Amazon and consumers, and it helps you distinguish your store from competitors.

Building Trust with the Buyers

Seller rating is an essential factor in building trust with the buyers. The score indicates to the customers whether you are a reliable and trustworthy seller or not. In the latter case, they take their money to your competitor. If the consumers are being left to choose between two listings with similar prices, they most likely choose the seller with higher ratings.

Decreased Chance to Win the Buy Box

Since more than 80% of all Amazon sales come through Buy Box, many sellers know that winning the position is vital to their success. The best way to win the Buy Box more often is to trust a smart, AI-based repricer such as Eva Intelligent Repricer.

However, one great way to improve the chances of getting the position is to improve your Amazon seller account’s feedback score. When Amazon sees that you are a quality seller with a fantastic reputation, their Buy Box algorithm is more likely to include your inventory. Therefore, the higher the percentage, the better chances you have to succeed in claiming that spot.

Negative Feedback Hurts Your Amazon Performance

Amazon seller rating system measures the customers’ experience between 1 to 5 stars scale. One and two stars are considered negative, and four and five positive reviews. Customer feedback that is rate three starts is considered neutral.

Any negative feedback you receive affects the Order Defect Rate (ODR). It is a performance metric that Amazon uses to rate the seller’s customer service standards. According to Amazon, sellers who have ODR above 1% might lose their seller privileges.

Obviously, negative feedback has the most damaging effect on your Amazon seller profile. However, neutral feedback might be as damaging to your store’s performance. The reason is that Amazon measures your average rating, but also the percentage of positive ratings from the past 12 months. Even though a three-star rating is not bad, Amazon does not consider it positive either.

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon?

Now you understand the importance of feedback score and its effects. Moreover, you may wonder can you remove the negative feedback you have received on Amazon. The answer is yes, and here are actions you can take to do so. However, remember to act quickly because feedback must be removed by Amazon or the buyer within 60 days after posting. After this period, feedback can no longer be removed.

1. Request Removal from Amazon

That’s right, sellers can contact Amazon regarding removing negative feedback. The reason is that Amazon has zero tolerance for reviews that may mislead or manipulate customers. Therefore, if the feedback violates their guidelines, Amazon can remove it upon the seller’s request.

Unfair feedback is often related to product reviews and price complaints and these are strictly against Amazon’s policies. To be precise, here is what Amazon consider ineligible feedback:

  • Promotional content. Refers to any content that promotes someone else’s products or content such as comments about other products or links to other merchants and websites.
  • Obscene or abusive language.
  • Personal information. Any information that may identify other Amazon users.
  • Product reviews. Amazon has a specific space for product reviews on the product page. However, sometimes product reviews are written on the seller feedback, which Amazon considers unnecessary.

As soon as you get anything looking like these, open up a ticket with Seller Support on Amazon and request them to remove the feedback as it violates the feedback guidelines.

However, keep in mind that when communicating with Amazon, the message should be concise. The staff is very likely to deny a long explanation, so to increase your chances of success, keep going straight to the point.

Once you’ve submitted your request, Amazon will review the feedback and determine whether it should be removed. If Amazon accepts your request, you get a response similar to the image below.

Even if Amazon denies your request, you can open up a new ticket with Seller Support and simply try again.

Amazon FBA Feedback Removal

If you list your products under the FBA program, the feedback removal process is a bit easier.
As the sellers purchase FBA services from Amazon, it is responsible for removing negative feedback related to packaging, shipping, or customer service.

2. Reach Out to the Buyer

If you’ve received negative feedback that doesn’t qualify for removal by Amazon, do not lose hope. In this case, the negative feedback is probably legitimate but you can still take action to save the situation. The next step you can do is to reach out to the buyer, who left the review.

For whatever reason, the customer is reasonably unsatisfied with the product or the purchase process. Your best action is to act fast and approach them apologetically. Reach out to the buyer with a friendly email explaining the mistake and apologizing for the inconvenience. Convince them that you have learned from the mistake and take all the necessary actions to prevent it from happening in the future. Most importantly ask them if there is anything you can do to make it up to them.

Compensate the Mistake

The best way to resolve the situation by ensuring the most favorable outcome is to offer compensation for the customer. For instance, if your delivery is late, you can offer a partial or full refund for the shipping costs. An Amazon gift card is a common way to offer compensation for the mistake. However, be extremely careful with your wording when you offer compensation to the customer.

Any attempts of feedback manipulation, harassment, and quid-pro-quo agreements violate Amazon’s policies. For this reason, NEVER ask the customers to delete their negative reviews when offering compensation. It’s extremely forbidden to offer them a refund in exchange for removing their comment.

However, if you hear back from the customer, you can separate from the offerıng explain the importance of feedback score to you as a seller. After that, ask them, very politely, if they would consider deleting the negative feedback on Amazon.

If the buyer agrees to remove their negative feedback, you can speed up the process by providing the buyer with a link or instructions on easily removing the negative feedback.

3. Leave a response on Amazon

Despite your efforts to communicate with the buyer to make things right, sometimes you might not get a response at all. In this case, the best you can do is leave a direct response to the feedback on Amazon’s site. At least the other buyers see that you have made an effort to resolve the issue.

You might feel frustrated after not getting a chance to resolve the issue with the customer, but now’s not the time to hold a grudge. Keep your response short, professional, and neutral. Otherwise, you might communicate to other customers that you don’t care about their concerns.

How to Prevent Negative Feedback on Amazon

Preventing negative feedback is probably the easiest way to keep your feedback score high.
Here are some tips on keeping your Amazon seller rating stellar.

  • Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions and images. A descriptive explanation of the product and its function, along with multiple high-quality images, ensure that the customer has realistic expectations.
  • Round the condition down, not up. If you are not sure about the item’s condition, grade it good rather than very good condition. Because people have a subjective view on what defines as “good”, it’s best to play it safe. The best case is that you manage to exceed the buyers’ expectations with an item that is in better condition than they anticipated. As a result, they might even leave a positive review
  • Ensure you ship your items on time and keep your response time short. Nothing is more infuriating than receiving an ordered item after the occasion. Naturally, if you ship through FBA, you cannot do much about the shipping as it happens at fulfillment centers. On the other hand, Amazon handles the negative reviews in this case.

Final Thoughts

Having a high seller feedback rating is a critical part of being a successful Amazon seller. Along with the price, it is the most important factor that determines your eligibility for Buy Box. Therefore, it’s crucial to remove negative feedback on Amazon, which unfairly distorts your seller rating.

However, getting a legitimate negative review won’t take down your Amazon business if you react accordingly. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you respond that sets different sellers apart. Responding to the mistakes by offering compensation or trying to prevent them altogether ensures that you minimize the possible damage. Keep this advice in mind, and you have no trouble thriving in the Amazon marketplace.

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