Leveraging Capital to Scale your Amazon Business

Leveraging Capital to Scale your Amazon Business
  • 2021 May 19
  • Mike Lahi
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Many entrepreneurs and online business owners can argue that the most important aspect of their business is their cash flow. Having steady access to capital not only serves as a good cushion in case of emergency, but it also provides you flexibility when it comes to making decisions to expand or grow your business.

You cannot speak about cash flow without first understanding your firm’s profitability. Luckily, our partners over at Eva have that covered for you with their AI-powered profit maximization software. Not only will you be able to fully understand the scope of each of your products, but you will also be given the ability to get reimbursements and put more money back into your business. 

Capital as a Service (Caas) is about giving sellers and business owners access to capital as well as financial tools in order to grow their business. The Amazon marketplace alone has over 1.6 million active sellers as of 2020. The common problem that many of these sellers’ experience is a lack of readily available funding options. 

PIRS Capital has created specialized funding solutions for Amazon sellers that will not only give them access to capital but give them the flexibility needed to take their business to the next level. Within 24 hours, sellers can be funded and have the ability to invest in the future success of their business. Unlike Venture Capital funds or banks, PIRS does not want ownership equity in return nor are there any covenants to bootstrap your business. No collateral is required, and no hard personal credit inquiries are needed. Their working capital experts are fully transparent, easily accessible, and will work diligently to answer all your questions. 

For sellers, access to capital means having the ability to buy additional inventory, spend more on marketing, enter new markets, or even launch new products. Being out of stock or not having enough inventory on hand can not only hurt your business but can also negatively impact your visibility on Amazon’s marketplace. By offering funding options multiple times throughout the year, PIRS can help you avoid this problem. Their capital solution gives you the flexibility to spend on what you feel is most crucial to the immediate success of your store. 

PIRS wants to help you grow and most importantly, take control of your finance!

Andrew Mallinger

COO @ PIRS Capital

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