How Can You Manage Your Customer Engagement on Amazon?

How Can You Manage Your Customer Engagement on Amazon?


It is a fact that Amazon is concentrating on brands more than retail/online arbitrageurs. Having customer loyalty around your brand is very important. That’s why Amazon created Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE), a tool that allows eligible users to manage content and conduct email campaigns for users who bought items via the Brand Store.

This article will cover what Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is and how you can use it for your brand?

What is the ‘’Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?’’

Manage Your Customer Engagement allows you to advertise directly to Amazon customers who are fans of your brand, allowing you to create loyal connections with customers and enhance exposure for new goods. 

This tool is a terrific method to create reliable connections with Amazon buyers while raising the exposure of new items by enabling merchants to execute email marketing campaigns to customers who follow their brands.

Also, this is just another compelling incentive to join Amazon’s Brand Registry program if you haven’t already because only the brands enrolled in ‘Brand Registry’ can use this tool.

How does “Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool” work?

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) tool is a free service that enables brands to create email marketing campaigns for their Amazon followers. It was designed to boost customer engagement, retention, and loyalty, and it’s also a terrific method to introduce and showcase new items to a willing audience.

You can start with your email using the self-service prompts in the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool when it’s ready for your brand. Then, you can pass to the next steps but be sure that you have these;

  • A high-resolution logo.
  • Just one product to highlight. Because the tool is designed to help with fresh releases, you can try to use your recently released ASIN.
  • Image to bolster your argument. Instead of a standard Amazon product picture, consider utilizing a lifestyle photograph to show the product in action or add context.
  • A time slot for the campaign to be sent.

Amazon will automatically send the email campaign to your brand’s followers after it has been planned and scheduled.

Brands should remember that this isn’t a substitute for other means of reaching out to consumers, particularly when soliciting reviews or comments. For example, sellers will need to automatically utilize the order management system’s “Request a Review” button to request reviews for that sort of communication.

Standards and Guidelines of ’Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool’

You need to know some rules before you use Manage Your Customer Engagement. When using items and pictures in your Manage Your Customer Engagement campaigns, the following standards and criteria must be followed.

  • Email campaigns should only have child ASINs. Amazon doesn’t allow Parent ASINs.
  • Your product must be in stock while the campaign is running.
  • Images must accurately represent the product.
  • The product and all of its features written in the text must be clearly visible on the picture/s.
  • Images must match the product description and title.

In the logo visuals, the following are prohibited:

  • Call to action buttons or text
  • Overlapping elements
  • Claims such as “made in the USA,” unless verified with the registered logo on the product packaging or product detail page
  • Competitive products or services
  • Profanity
  • Deals or promotions
  • Alcohol-related products
  • Hate or intolerance
  • Weapons
  • Solicitations to contact you
  • References to your other products
  • Your contact information, such as phone number, email address, or website
  • Shipping messaging

To be qualified for this service, you must first:

  • Be enrolled in Brand Registry
  • Have an Amazon Store that is active
  • Have you got a following on Amazon?

However, even if you match all of the above requirements, you may not be able to use the tool since it is currently in beta and Amazon is progressively rolling it out to brands.

How to Create an Amazon Brand Following

If you don’t have access to the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool yet but want to utilize it when it becomes available, we suggest focusing on growing a following. There are a few options on Amazon for doing this, many of which are currently available.

First, make sure you have a well-designed Brand Store with various pages where you can use Amazon’s Sponsored Brands advertising to generate visitors. Brand Stores are free to set up, but you’ll need to provide specific content, which necessitates using design resources.

You can also utilize another tool of Amazon called ‘’Amazon Posts’’ to establish a following for your company. Amazon Posts, which have a similar appearance and feel to Instagram posts, enable brand owners to publish lifestyle photographs and other product-related information in a “feed” that followers can go through.

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You can encourage your customers to follow your brand on Amazon in various ways. Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is one of them, but only if you are eligible. Even without Manage Your Customer Engagement tool, there are still plenty of methods to boost customer pleasure and grow brand loyalty. Use email marketing, social media, and other methods as well.

We’re excited to try out new tools and technology to help you manage your Amazon success. Our team of store management experts and marketing experts enjoys coming up with new ideas to help you maximize your profit.

If you need help with a specific problem in your company, account management, or even establishing an overall plan for success, you may contact Eva’s specialists at any time. You can schedule a Demo or start your 15-day Free Trial even now!