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What is the Best Amazon Shipping Method?

What is the Best Amazon Shipping Method?

  • 2022 Feb 18
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As an Amazon seller, this question is pivotal to preventing loss caused by a high shipping rate or delayed delivery. Choosing the best Amazon shipping method will help you get your goods to Amazon FBA or choose a destination at an affordable rate and at the appropriate time, irrespective of the enormity of the goods. 

Some vital factors must be considered to arrive at the best Amazon shipping method. These are time, cost, and shipment weight. So, the best Amazon shipping method for Amazon sellers must be one that can be used to ship many goods at a cost-efficient rate (cheap and fast). 

Best Shipping Method for Amazon Sellers

In some cases, being out of stock can be more costly to your business than shipping at huge costs. Hence, knowing the best Amazon shipping method for shipping and working with an Amazon FBA freight forwarder who can effectively handle this service is essential to prevent business losses. 

Before the supply chain and international logistics disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it was easy to conclude that ocean freight is the best Amazon shipping method to FBA, especially when shipping from China to the US. The reason is that it’s affordable and perfect for large volume shipments. 

However, the surge in demand, limited shipping capacity, and lengthy transit duration have affected ocean freight. Plus, the shortage of ocean containers resulted in increased container prices, making ocean freight less expensive. Even though air freight is faster and can be used for high-volume shipping, it has always had an expensive freight rate. 

The express freight would have been highly recommended for Amazon sellers, but it isn’t suitable for all Amazon sellers. The express freight involves courier services; although fast and less pricey, it’s best to ship small items to Amazon FBA. Besides, express freight is ideal for beginners in the shipping business.

So, if you are an Amazon FBA seller looking for the best Amazon shipping method for shipping high-volume goods at an affordable rate and right on time, the most viable shipping method is Door-to-door Delivery. 

The Door-to-door Delivery Service

The door-to-door delivery service or DDP is a shipping service offered by freight forwarders to shippers. As an Amazon seller, when you use this service, the FBA freight forwarder picks up the container holding your goods or the goods itself, transports it to the port, and does all the paperwork necessary. 

The freight forwarder receives the goods, eventually delivering them to the Amazon fulfillment center or your desired address. Meaning DDP services also cover trucking or courier service for the final movement of the cargo to the point of delivery. 

Amazon sellers prefer door-to-door delivery services for many reasons. For one, DDP streamlines shipping processes and ensures the smooth transit of cargo within the allotted time. This service is imperative in today’s e-commerce world, where time is crucial, and delivery delays could result in huge losses for businesses. 

Also, a door-to-door delivery service saves you vast amounts of money and effort. Instead of handling the entire shipping process yourself or contracting it to different entities, DDP saves you the stress by allowing FBA forwarders to handle it all. Besides, you don’t have to travel to China or anywhere you are importing from to monitor the shipping process. 

Some Amazon FBA freight forwarders provide digital services that make it easier for you to request online quotations, submit the necessary paperwork, and track the shipping progress in real-time until your goods finally get delivered to the Amazon warehouse. This saves you money and effort, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. 

It’s essential to note that door-to-door delivery services can be offered in different ways depending on the one that best suits your business while considering where you are shipping. Therefore, door-to-door delivery can be classified as 

1. Ocean door-to-door service

2. Air door-to-door service

3. Rail door-to-door service

Ocean door-to-door Service

Among the three, the most cost-effective is the door-to-door ocean service. This enables you to ship a large number of goods through the international oceans. Your Amazon ocean freight forwarder handles the whole process from cargo pick up from (Seller/manufacturer) to Sea Port (Custom clearance / Loading into the vessel), reception at port of origin, and trucking to the Amazon fulfillment center. 

Ocean door-to-door service includes FCL door-to-door shipping, LCL door-to-door shipping, furniture, and car deliveries, medicine and batteries delivery, and door-to-door services with in-house customs clearance.

Port-to-Port Delivery Service

While using ocean freight services, instead of going with a door-to-door delivery service and receiving your products wherever you want, all handled by your freight forwarder, you have the chance to go for the port-to-port delivery service. 

Your logistics provider will take all of your products from the designated port to your choice of port while you handle taking your products from your manufacturer to the foreign port and bringing them to your own warehouse, taking them from your local port as you go for the port to port delivery service.

Even though it seems that most of your delivery process is handled within your own expenses, a port-to-port delivery service might just prove some advantages for many Amazon FBA sellers.

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As some manufacturers could handle delivering options to the foreign port for your freight forwarder to take with such little expense, you will have the same chance to minimize the expenses of transporting your products from port to your own warehouse. 

Overall, in some cases where both you and your manufacturer or wholesaler can handle all local transportation services in the easiest way, port-to-port delivery service is much more profitable than door-to-door services. 

Although you will have ease of mind if you go with the door-to-door delivery service, port-to-port service will provide you with faster and cheaper service in some cases. 

Providing both of these services and only more, Forceget is here for all Amazon FBA sellers with its wide array of possible choices to go for. Handling all of its customers with great care along with its special digital service, Forceget is the choice of many Amazon sellers. Make sure to contact Forceget for further information.

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