Eva for Booksellers

Connect the most important aspects of your business into a single intuitive dashboard. AI-Powered price management, restocking, reimbursements, and analytics so you can focus on what’s important: enjoying your freedom.

With Eva, you’ll sell your books at the optimum price and time so you never leave money on the table.

Easy Selling

  • Initial Price Setting
  • Start with the right Price from the Beginning
  • Ignore New Sellers and Long-time Waiting Ones
  • Find your Spot and Compete with the right Sellers

Accurate Reprice

  • No Race to the Bottom
  • Do Not Drop Price if not Necessary
  • Wait for Right Time to Maximize Profits
  • Never Drop Prices more than 5% a Day
  • AI Checks Ranking and Competitors to Decide Price

Beat Competition

  • FBA-FBM Competition
  • Optimized Books Category AI
  • Condition-based Competition
  • Fastest Reaction to Competitive Landscape

Easy Setup & Use

  • Designed with Customer First
  • Automated Condition-Based Pricing
  • Only Input Minimum Price or Cost & Profit

Best in Class Support

  • 24/7 Live & Email Support
  • Based in the USA & Europe
  • Help with Onboarding and Use

Affordable Price

  • Starting at $24/month
  • No Limit to AI Listings
  • No Legacy Costs to Raise Prices

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    Get the latest insights right in your inbox.