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Real-Time Amazon Advertising Analytics

Get access to critical reporting insights that enhance the performance of your advertising efforts, reduce ACoS & help you understand the impact of your campaigns.

Stop Relying On Old Data To Manage Your Campaigns

Having access to real-time reporting information is not possible within Seller Central or through other providers. Managing PPC, researching keywords & reducing ACOS is frustrating. But you shouldn’t have any more headaches or sleepless nights. We’ll help you visualize all of your data to make smarter, more profitable advertising decisions for your business.

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards
Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards
Get a visual look at real-time metrics that provide current & historical advertising campaign performance. Make smarter, and more profitable advertising decisions based on your data.
Next-Level Reporting
Next-Level Reporting
Segment your advertising efforts by portfolio, campaign, ad group, keyword targeting, product or important KPIs. Access attribution reports for organic, ads & other ASINs purchased.
Inventory-Aware Advertising
Inventory-Aware Advertising
Identify winning campaigns with available inventory within the Advertising Reporting dashboard. Use this data to allocate spend more efficiently & skyrocket profits from PPC.

Generate Custom Reports In A Few Clicks

Amazon Advertising Performance
Amazon Advertising Performance
Get a birds-eye view of your overall advertising performance. Quickly export reports measuring key metrics & KPIs useful for tracking your product’s performance.
Amazon Advertising Analytics
Amazon Advertising Analytics
Get better insights delivered into how your campaigns, products, portfolios, KPIs & more are performing in a single, user-friendly dashboard.
Advertising Reporting & Attribution
Advertising Reporting & Attribution
Get access to customized reports that show PPC attribution with a breakdown of organic, advertising & other ASINs purchased.

Trusted Reporting By Brands & Agencies Of All Sizes

Eva provides user-friendly dashboards with a clear view of key operational insights & performance metrics you need to run your business effectively.

From small to large eCommerce brands, clients rely on Eva to make their workload more efficient & seamless. We empower our clients to use data-driven approaches to increase sales, operational efficiency & maximize profitability.
From small consultants to enterprise agencies, clients leverage Eva to easily manage their clients’ pricing, promotions, ads and inventory. Eva provides key reporting insights & recovers lost revenue from reimbursements.
Both small & large resellers leverage Eva for the fastest pricing management tool on the market, replenishment forecasting simulations & to recover lost revenue from reimbursements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Export Data Directly From Eva?
Yes! You can easily filter & export the data you need or upload an Excel (.xslv) or CSV (.csv) file directly to the Eva platform.
Will I Need To Upload My Cost Information To Eva?
Yes, you can do this individually or in bulk in the Pricing Management settings within the platform.
How Often Do You Update Features?
We are constantly adding features to enhance the user experience. If you have a suggestion to improve our software, please let us know!
Do You Provide Any Kind Of Customized Reports?
Yes! For a small charge, we do provide customized reporting for our clients.
Amazon API Connection Required
In order for Eva to execute price changes & accurately track your profits, we need access to your account via an Amazon API. Simply login to seller central, grant Eva permissions & your data will begin to download.
Eva Supports 18 Marketplaces
Leverage Eva for help with your store in any of the following marketplaces: UAE, UK, USA, Sweden, Netherland, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Belgium
Free To Try, Pay To Stay
While Eva does provide a free 15-day trial with no credit card required to try. Once the trial is over, you will need to input your payment details.
Unlimited Users & Permissions
There is no limit to the number of users that can access your account. You can also assign permissions to every single user for different access in the platform.
Used By Brands, Agencies & Resellers
Our customers rely on Eva to deliver critical operational insights that help them make smarter & more profitable decisions driven by data. Additionally, we recover any lost reimbursement revenue at a 50% cheaper rate than our competition.

Discover How The Eva Platform Guides Customers To Success On Amazon

The Eva team simplified our workflow, increased our operational efficiency, and helped us eliminate excess fees from Amazon. Implementing the software was seamless, and the team is highly responsive & supportive, treating my store like their store. My favorite features are dynamic pricing & reimbursements because they methodically, accurately & consistently continue to add profits back into my business.The Eva platform is my company’s superpower to maximize visibility & become more profitable on.
Juliette Fassette
Happy Products Inc.

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