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Real-Time Visibility: Analyze the Full Picture of Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Real-time reporting data is inaccessible within Seller Central or similar platforms, leaving users to manage numerous spreadsheets and hope for accuracy. But with our assistance, you can visualize your data, empowering your business to make informed and profitable decisions without the hassle.

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Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Get a visual look at real-time metrics that provide current & historical advertising campaign performance. Make smarter, and more profitable advertising decisions based on your data.

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Next-Level Reporting

Segment your advertising efforts by portfolio, campaign, ad group, keyword targeting, product or important KPIs. Access attribution reports for organic, ads & other ASINs purchased.

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Inventory-Aware Advertising

Identify winning campaigns with available inventory within the Advertising Reporting dashboard. Use this data to allocate spend more efficiently & skyrocket profits from PPC.

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Performance-Aware Advertising

Optimize PPC Performance with performance-aware advertising. Leverage reporting dashboard insights to identify winning campaigns and boost profits.

Comprehensive Report Access for Your Convenience

Easily visualize your data within Eva and generate customized advertising reports within few clicks.

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Amazon Advertising Performance​

Get a birds-eye view of your overall advertising performance. Quickly export reports measuring key metrics & KPIs useful for tracking your product’s performance.

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Amazon Advertising Analytics​

Get better insights delivered into how your campaigns, products, portfolios, KPIs & more are performing in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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Advertising Reporting & Attribution

Get access to customized reports that show PPC attribution with a breakdown of organic, advertising & other ASINs purchased.

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Advanced Product Performance

Gain detailed insights into your products’ performance and relevant KPIs. Track success and optimize performance with comprehensive analytics.

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Comparative Weekly PPC Overall

Access your weekly PPC comparative report with a single click to easily compare campaign progress.

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Custom Reports​

Don’t see the report you’re looking for? Let us know what kind of report you’re looking for & how we can help!






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Optimize Your Advertising Strategy with Analytics

Track changes with Advance Product Performance Report

Assess real-time performance & define rule-based automations

Allow AI to take the reins in optimizing your advertising efforts

Measure the performance of your store, products & PPC campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising Analytics is your key dashboard to unlocking the full potential of your Amazon ad campaigns. It’s all about diving deep into the numbers—tracking and analyzing crucial data like ad cost, spending, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates (CVR), and the all-important advertising cost of sales (ACoS). But it doesn’t stop there; it also covers the performance metrics of advertised products. With these insights at your fingertips, you’re equipped to fine-tune your ads, making them more effective and boosting your presence on Amazon. In short, Advertising Analytics is the tool you need to maximize your ad performance and drive success on the platform.

Eva provides comprehensive advertising reports that include advanced data structures such as PPC overall data, offering detailed performance metrics for campaigns and products, alongside organic data. These reports can be filtered by time, with period options including 7-day, 14-day, 30 day, 60 day or custom durations. Accessible through Eva’s Advertising Dashboard, these reports are presented in easily readable graphs, ensuring quick and intuitive comprehension of the data. Additionally, users can conveniently export these reports directly from the Advertising Dashboard, facilitating seamless sharing and further analysis.

Eva’s approach to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising blends the best of both worlds. At its core, Eva utilizes artificial intelligence, drawing upon years of ad management experience to significantly reduce human error and automate core optimization decisions. This means the heavy lifting is done by Eva AI, ensuring your campaigns are always optimized for peak performance. Yet, we believe in the human touch. Our team of seasoned experts takes an active role in overseeing the entire process. They monitor campaign outcomes closely and step in with strategic adjustments to steer the AI, guaranteeing that your advertising strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals. With Eva, you get a seamless, intelligent PPC management experience that’s self-service and expertly managed.

Combining PPC and SEO strategies offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing on Amazon. Pay-per-click advertising targets immediate visibility and traffic through metrics such as impressions and clicks, areas where Eva AI can significantly enhance performance. 

However, converting that initial click into a finalized order heavily depends on effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Eva SEO services in the Scale Pluss package ensure that once Eva AI has driven potential customers to product detail pages, those visitors are more likely to purchase due to well-optimized content and keywords that match their search intent. Therefore, while Eva excels at boosting traffic, the real power lies in the synergy between PPC and SEO. Together, they not only increase traffic but also improve the odds of converting clicks into successful orders, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

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