Eva’s Success Story | Episode 2 | with Co-founder and CXO Barry Guze

Eva’s Success Story | Episode 2 | with Co-founder and CXO Barry Guze
  • 2021 Aug 25
  • Mike Lahi
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Eva Commerce
Eva Commerce
Eva's Success Story | Episode 2 | with Co-founder and CXO Barry Guze

This podcast is about the story of Eva and the people behind her. How did the idea for Eva come about? Eva’s main goals and values ​​are discussed with Eva’s CXO, Barry Guze. How does Eva differentiate itself from other Amazon repricer services in the market? 

What is the main goal that Eva can achieve? How does she help Amazon businesses overcome their main problems? How is selling on Amazon, easy or too hard? Maybe the stories Barry tells in this podcast will change your mind forever! For all these and more, click on the play button and listen to this new episode to the end carefully! And stay tuned for upcoming conversations from brilliant minds.

About Barry

Barry Guze is co-founder and CXO at Eva. He has profound experience in technology, eCommerce, and Amazon selling. Barry has set his heart and soul on building Digital Commerce products by taking advantage of his expertise in Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence and driving sales and profits for the eCommerce sellers like never before. Before Eva, he worked with individuals, enterprises, organizations, and agencies to develop and implement profitable strategies for online sales. Barry Guze has great a profession in the eCommerce giants such as Amazon sales platform, eBay, and Walmart.

About Eva:

Eva is a genuine AI-powered algorithmic Amazon repricer that employs a wide range of big data insights to help Amazon sellers meet their strategic business goals. In a dynamic and complex competitive market, Eva can maximize both your sales and profit at the same time while protecting your inventory against going out of stock.

Eva takes your minimum price, competitive price, fulfillment method, shipment fee, stock availability, and rating when making pricing decisions. Depending on the size of an Amazon business, some prefer more sales while some prioritize profit. Eva’s genuine AI can decide how to detect profitable pricing opportunities and hunt them for you.

She can also evaluate whether the current market conditions need a more aggressive strategy to optimize for more sales at the expense of profits. Eva always considers business expenses, sales speed, delivery time, stock availability, and other factors.

Selling on Amazon without a smart and algorithmic is like stepping into a battle without a shield—a price war among so many competitors, to be exact. When your goal is to undercut your opponent at any cost and have the same goal, you take each other to the pricing arena. If you value the preservation or expansion of profit margin, Eva’s AI-powered intelligence will prioritize profit margin as well.