Eva Supply Chain


Affordable, flexible and scalable warehouses for FBA Prep Center, Order Fulfillment and Returns Management

Prep Center as a Service

With our Amazon expert team and AI-Powered Inventory Management software designed for Amazon, we provide a full spectrum of FBA prep services including receipt, visual inspection, Amazon FBA-shipment creation, labeling, bundling, packaging, shipping to the Amazon FBA warehouse and returns management all while saving you time and money.

FBA Prep Center

We provide our customers with one of the most excellent storage conditions. It guarantees fast and economical delivery of your product. Our professionally equipped warehouse is located in Houston, TX and Ontario, CA nearby Amazon Warehouses; this allows us to deliver your orders faster to Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Fulfillment of E-Commerce Orders

We provide fulfillment services for small and medium-sized  E-commerce businesses, including same-day order processing and customized software with separate accounts for each customer.

Low & Transparent Prices

Our pricing policy is clear and simple, with no hidden charges.

Storage Management

We provide affordable Storage services to fulfill your orders for Amazon (FBM) or any eCommerce channel. We can store your inventory as much as you like. With our prep center packages, you don’t need to pay any storage fees at all.

Import and Export Custom Services

Our firm can help you get your goods through US Customs. For custom paperwork, payments, and other services, you can count on us.

Returns Management

We can process your returns, verify the condition for disposal, donation, refurbishment or reselling and save your time and money


We guarantee you that your items and your personal information will be safe!

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