Manage your Amazon Sales

Get the most return from your growth funding by managing your Amazon sales with Eva.


Eva connects the most important aspects of your Amazon business into a single intuitive dashboard. AI-Powered price management, restocking, reimbursements, and analytics. With Eva, you can focus on what’s important: growing your business and enjoying your freedom.

Price Management

  • Always know your Profits
  • Calculates all Fees Automatically
  • Never Leave Money on the Table
  • Easily Find Best Initial Sales Price
  • Outplay Competition and Win the Game
  • Set Target ROI and Monitor Your Margins


  • Monitor Monthly Recovery
  • Minimize Reimbursement Reversals
  • Only pay 20% of the Successful Recovery
  • Review 18 Months of Missed Opportunities
  • Faster Reimbursements Recovery with AI Technology

Avoid Stock-out, Maximize Profits

  • Detect Hijackers in Real-time and Act
  • Avoid and Monitor Buybox suppression
  • Increase your Inventory Performance Index
  • Adjust Prices based on Velocity and Seasonality
  • Raise Price and Slow-Velocity when Inventory Low

Easy Setup & Use

  • Designed with Customer First
  • Automated Condition-Based Pricing
  • Only Input Minimum Price or Cost & Profit

Best in Class Support

  • 24/7 Live & Email Support
  • Based in the USA & Europe
  • Help with Onboarding and Use
  • Manage Amazon Stores end to end

Affordable Price

  • Easy Pricing
  • Starting at $24/month
  • No Limit to AI Listings
  • No Legacy Costs to Raise Prices

$750 Reimbursement Discount

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