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Our Dashboards leverage AI-driven analytics to provide accurate insights for your business. Harness critical data to boost revenue, profits, expand market share, and outsmart competition.

Profit Analytics $25/Mo – Unlimited Features – 11% Reimbursement Recovery Fee
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One Platform – Seven Powerful Functionalities

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Store-Level & Product-Level Tracking

Access critical insights about costs, expenses & the overall performance of your product/store. Use these metrics to determine next-best actions for your business.

Accurate Profit Calculations

Eva pulls data directly from Amazon to calculate all of your fees & advertising costs. Once you enter your product cost information, you will be able to see the true profitability of your efforts.

Aggregated Store / Marketplace Views

Whether you have one store in one marketplace or 100s of stores in various marketplaces, you’ll be able to have aggregated views & dashboards to monitor performance on Amazon.

Pricing & Promotion Management

Store & Product Level Settings

Enable various pricing & promotional strategies for your store or products with the click of a button.

Always On Inventory Alerts

Visualize your entire inventory supply within Amazon & at the Eva 3PL. We’ll help you sell more or liquidate what isn’t selling.

Dynamic Pricing & Discounting

Enter your cost information and let Eva go to work for your product(s) and store(s). Eva delivers increased revenue and profitability based on data from demand, trends, category type, seasonality factors & inventory levels.

Parent ASIN Management

Define a Master SKU & set up pricing strategies for child ASINs within a couple of clicks.

Advertising Reporting

Real-Time Dashboards & Custom Reports

Get a visual look at key metrics that tell you how your advertising campaigns are currently performing. Use Eva’s insights to help make smarter, more profitable advertising decisions.

Enhanced Analytics

Filter your reports based on any portfolio, any campaign, any type of sales, ACOS, spend, or any other metric. Within the reports, you’ll be able to see available inventory for your campaigns.

Next-Level Reporting

Generate unique and customized reports about your ASINs, their advertising performance & an attribution breakdown for every product you’re advertising.

Inventory Management

Replenishment Forecasting

Save hours of time every single month & easily simulate replenishments for optimal inventory levels in Amazon.

Inventory Health

Closely monitor the age of your inventory & eliminate extra long-term storage fees from Amazon.

Amazon Returns

Monitor the real-time status of your returns inside the Eva 3PL facility. Here, you can filter by return type & status to see what has been disposed/donated or sent back to Amazon.

Eva 3PL Inventory Status

Get end-to-end inventory visibility storing products at Eva’s 3PL fulfillment centers. Our platform provides real-time insights and transparency from the product source to the end customer

Operations Management

Daily / YoY Sales

TrackingEasily visualize the daily/monthly/yearly performance & profitability of your store and products. Break down your advertising costs, extra fees & finally see your true return.

ASIN Segmentation

Easily identify which ASINs are performing the best & worst. You’ll see which ones you’ll want to liquidate, run promotions on or dispose/donate.

Report By Fulfillment Type

Quickly identify where you need more inventory on hand.

Marketplace Integrations

Amazon Marketplace

Eva works globally & supports all Amazon marketplaces except Japan, Australia & Singapore. In 2023, these marketplaces will become available.

Shopify & Walmart

Avoid Buybox suppression & price sync your channels across retail and your website. Eva works automatically for you.

More Coming Soon

We are always developing new ideas & helping sellers achieve their goals on Amazon. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear from you and build it for you!

Reimbursement Recovery Tracking

Transparent Views

Curious about our Get a visual breakdown of all recovered reimbursements, cases & credits to your account each month. Simply export & store the data for financial records. fulfillment costs? Get transparent rates without any hidden charges. Take a look at our pricing page & get into contact with our team today!

Cheap Recovery Rates

Eva provides reimbursement recovery services for 2000+ customers, filing 20% more claims across 26+ category times at a 50% cheaper rate than our competition.

Unique Filters

Lookup reimbursement records by case #, reimbursement ID #, FNSKU, ASIN #, reason, case status & more.

Reporting Designed For Brands, Agencies & Resellers

Eva provides user-friendly dashboards with a clear view of key operational insights & performance metrics you need to run your business effectively.

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From small to large eCommerce brands, clients rely on Eva to make their workload more efficient & seamless. We empower our clients to use data-driven approaches to increase sales, operational efficiency & maximize profitability.
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From small consultants to enterprise agencies, clients leverage Eva to easily manage their clients’ pricing, promotions, ads and inventory. Eva provides key reporting insights & recovers lost revenue from reimbursements.
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Both small & large resellers leverage Eva for the fastest pricing management tool on the market, replenishment forecasting simulations & to recover lost revenue from reimbursements.





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Kapp is able to develop by themselve without removing the parents permission and lorem dolor si amet fully run network at 100% avoiding data-loss at any moments

Kapp is able to develop by themselve without removing the parents permission and lorem dolor si amet fully run network at 100% avoiding data-loss at any moments

Kapp is able to develop by themselve without removing the parents permission and lorem dolor si amet fully run network at 100% avoiding data-loss at any moments

Success Stories

Learn why more than 2,500+ clients love working with Eva.

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Happy Products Inc

Juliette Fasset
CEO, Happy Products Inc

‘’I see Eva as the algorithm to combat the Amazon algorithm, and wholeheartedly believe it’s our secret power to maximize visibility & become more profitable.’’

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peru pima

Salvattore Yaipén
Head of eCommerce, PPima

‘’Choosing Eva was a game changer for us. Their PPC expertise and comprehensive services transformed our e-commerce presence, shifting our focus from volume to profitability. Their dedication to delivering results is evident.’’

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Mathews Ventures, llc

Ricky Mathews
CEO, Mathews Ventures

‘’Eva Experts elevated my business to new heights. With their cutting-edge Eva AI technology, they guided me step-by-step to build an 8-figure Amazon seller. Their unparalleled expertise and tools exceeded all my expectations.’’

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can easily filter & export the data you need or upload an Excel (.xslv) or CSV (.csv) file directly to the Eva platform.
Yes, you can do this individually or in bulk in the Pricing Management settings within the platform.
In order for Eva to execute price changes & accurately track your profits, we need access to your account via an Amazon API. Simply login to seller central, grant Eva permissions & your data will begin to download.
While Eva does provide a free 15-day trial with no credit card required to try. Once the trial is over, you will need to input your payment details.
Our customers rely on Eva to deliver critical operational insights that help them make smarter & more profitable decisions driven by data. Additionally, we recover any lost reimbursement revenue at a 50% cheaper rate than our competition.
We are constantly adding features to enhance the user experience. If you have a suggestion to improve our software, please let us know!
Yes! For a small charge, we do provide customized reporting for our clients.
Leverage Eva for help with your store in any of the following marketplaces: UAE, UK, USA, Sweden, Netherland, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Belgium
There is no limit to the number of users that can access your account. You can also assign permissions to every single user for different access in the platform.

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