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Stress-Free Amazon Inventory Management

Get access to end-to-end inventory management software that prevents stock outs, saves you hours of time & avoids paying extra storage fees to Amazon.
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Replenishment Forecasting Made Simple

Knowing the right amount of inventory to send & when to send it into Amazon is difficult. Tracking sales velocity, inventory days & accurate management of spreadsheets is frustrating. But you shouldn’t have any more headaches or sleepless nights. We’ll help you visualize all of your data to make smarter, more profitable replenishment decisions for your business.

Inventory Management Made Easy

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Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Get a visual look at real-time metrics that provide current & historical advertising campaign performance. Make smarter, and more profitable advertising decisions based on your data.

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Next-Level Reporting

Segment your advertising efforts by portfolio, campaign, ad group, keyword targeting, product or important KPIs. Access attribution reports for organic, ads & other ASINs purchased.

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Inventory-Aware Advertising

Identify winning campaigns with available inventory within the Advertising Reporting dashboard. Use this data to allocate spend more efficiently & skyrocket profits from PPC.

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Performance-Aware Advertising

Optimize PPC Performance with performance-aware advertising. Leverage reporting dashboard insights to identify winning campaigns and boost profits.


Replenishment Forecasting

Easily simulate replenishments, determine costs & optimize the amount of inventory you send into Amazon. Quickly export the replenishment reports & send them to your supplier or manufacturer.
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Inventory Health

Avoid paying extra long-term storage fees to Amazon & easily determine the age of your inventory. Prevent your inventory from being stored in Amazon for more than 180 days.
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Returns Management

Quickly see all of your returns  in one view, filter by status, and  recover 70% of your returns for  resale on Amazon. Add 1-2% of  monthly sales revenue back into  your bottom line.
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Eva 3PL Inventory

Effortlessly ascertain the volume, state, and categorization of  inventory accessible within Eva 3PL. This comprehensive inventory  report intends to provide a  thorough comprehension of the  inventory available within Eva 3PL,  encompassing quantity, condition, and the variety of goods housed.

Comprehensive Report Access:
Amazon Inventory Management

Easily visualize your data within Eva and generate

customized inventory reports within few clicks.

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Replenishment Reports

Create a replenishment simulation, export the data & place an order from your manufacturers or suppliers.
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Inventory Health Reports

Export inventory age reports, determine storage fees & determining how to advertise or liquidate the excess inventory.
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Returns Management Reports

Easily sort, filter & generate reports on returned ASINs by order number, SKU, type, status, or date.

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Purchase Orders

Get reports on the amount of inventory you have purchased and have sent into the Eva 3PL and/or Amazon.
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Eva 3PL Inventory

Easily determine the quantity, condition & type of available inventory within the Eva 3PL
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Customized Reports

Don’t see the report you’re looking for? Let us know what kind of report you’re looking for & how we can help!





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Reporting Designed For Brands, Agencies & Resellers

Easily Create a replenishment simulation report to monitor

User-friendly dashboards with a clear view of key operational insight

Determine storage fees & how to advertise or liquidate the excess inventory

Effortlessly manage your inventory all in one convenient tool

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