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Essential Plan Symbol


Profit Analytics


What’s included

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Seller or Vendor Account
  • Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Executive Dashboard
  • SKU Performance Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Replenishment Forecasting
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Plus $25 Increments per Additional Store

Growth Plan Symbol


Dynamic Pricing


What’s included

  • Essential Plan Features
  • Trial Period Extended to 14 Days
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Promotion Management
  • Pricing Synchronization on Amazon, Walmart & Shopify
  • Up to $125K Monthly Revenue
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Plus $50 Increments Per Additional $125K In Monthly Revenue

Plus $50 For Each Additional Store In The Same Marketplace

Vendor Account is counted as an additional store.

Scale Plan Symbol


Profit-Driven Advertising

+ 3% Ad Spend

What’s included

  • Growth Plan Features
  • Initial Kickoff Meeting
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Dedicated Advertising Specialist
  • AI-based Advertising Optimization
  • Historical Advertising Performance Data
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Plus $100 Increments Per Additional Marketplace

Scale Plus Plan Symbol

Scale Plus


+ 3% Ad Spend

What’s included

  • Scale Plan Features
  • Listing Optimization
  • Traffic & Conversion Optimizations
  • Dedicated Brand Strategy Manager
  • Meetings Every Two Weeks
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Plus $400 Increments per Additional Marketplace

Agency Plan Symbol


White Label Solution

$199 /monthly

What’s included

  • Eva Platform for FREE
  • Aggregated View of Client Performance
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Discounted Reimbursement Recovery Fee
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Plus $100 Increments per $2M in Aggregate Monthly Revenue

FBA Plan Symbol


Up to 18+ Months

11% Fee
(If Bundled with Any Package)

What’s included

  • Recovery For All Available Cases and Chargebacks
  • Real Time Analytics
  • 26+ Cases Covered
  • Customized Reporting For Your Needs
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15% Fee for Successful Recoveries (Standalone)

Vendor Plan Symbol


Up to 5+ Years

18% Fee
(If Bundled with Any Package)

What’s included

  • Recovery For All Available Cases and Chargebacks
  • Invoice Automation
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Complete Transparency and Monthly Reporting
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20% Fee for Successful Recoveries (Standalone)

Full Service Plan Symbol

Full Service

Available Options Include

Contact Us

What’s included

  • Omnichannel Management
  • PPC & DSP Advertising Strategy
  • 3PL Fulfillment
  • Returns Management
  • Creative Design
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Ad Spend
Avg. Increase In
Reduction In
Reduction In

3PL & Fulfillment

3PL Plan Symbol


  • Four 3PL Fulfillment Centers; CA, TX, NY & Canada
  • 250,000+ Sq. Ft. Available Space
  • Same-Day Shipping
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Return Management Plan Symbol

Return Management

  • Two 3PL Fulfillment Centers, California & Texas
  • Inspection, Package, Refurbishment, Donation, Disposal
  • Resell or Repurpose Inventories
  • End-To-End Returns Management
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility With Eva Platform
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CA FlagCanada

3PL Operations Pricing Plan

  • Receive
  • Storage
  • Shipping-FBA
  • Shipping-Omnichannel
  • Shipping-Meltable
  • Returns Management
  • Other Services
  • All Pricing
Daily Pallet Storage $0.99

Daily storage fee for a standard 48”x40” pallet with goods stacked no higher than 60”

Daily Oversized Pallet Storage $1.25

Daily storage fee for a standard 48”x40” pallet with goods stacked between 60” and 75″

Floor loaded container unload - 20’ $350.00

Unloading – 20′ Container

Floor loaded container unload - 40’ $675.00

Unloading – 40′ Container

Pallet Built $15.00

Sorting, Pallet Building, and Putting Away

Pallet Receiving $6.00

Pallet Handling. Receive a standard 48”x40″ pallet with goods stacked no higher than 60”.

Carton Receiving $1.50

Carton or Box Handling. Receive a carton or box no heavier than 50lbs.

Item Receiving $0.75

Item Handling. Receive the products item by item.

Large Bin $3.00

Monthly storage fee for a Large Bin (Dimensions: 16″ x 22″ x 14″ or 3 ft3)

Shelf Rental $35.00

Monthly rental fee for 48”x24”x72″ shelf.

Pallet Built $15.00

Sorting, Pallet Building, and Shipping

FNSKU or Barcode labeling $0.50

Includes picking the item, the extras will be charged if wrapping, boxing, etc. needed

Fragile Wrapping - Bubble Wrap $1.00

Packing in customer supplied polybags or bubble mailer for fragile items.

Bundling $1.00

To bundle the products with using our packaging machines.

Standard Case/Carton picked, prepared and labeled $2.00

Standard Case/Carton handling charged per case or carton for sorting or shipping.

Oversize Case/Carton picked, prepared and labeled $5.00

Oversize Case/Carton handling charged per case or carton for sorting or shipping.

Pallet Shipping - Loading your pallet into the truck $7.00

Pallet Handling. Ship a standard 48”x40” pallet with goods stacked no higher than 72”

Pallet Labeling $1.40

Print and apply label to pallet (total of 4 labels per pallet)

Pallet Shrink Wrap $7.50

Shrink wrapping of pallet

Wooden pallets $24.00

Wooden pallets used in sending your goods out (price subject to change due to supply issues)

Tier 1 (Small Items or books. Envelope Included) $2.00

Includes one item pick, packing labor, and shipping label for an outbound order (1 Item).

Tier 2 (Standard size items. Shipping box is additional) $2.50

Includes one item pick, packing labor, and shipping label for an outbound order (1 Item).

Tier 3 (Oversize/Large/Heavy items. Shipping box is additional) $4.00

Includes one item pick, packing labor, and shipping label for an outbound order (1 Item).

Extra Pick $0.55

Extra Item Picking if needed.

Promotional Inserts $0.35

Inserts of flyers, postcards, or promotional items. Provided by you.

644 Cubic Inc Packaging $15.00

(all insulated packaging and shipping materials to send meltable products are included, such as an insulated envelope, ice gel, and foam.)

  • +Item Pick
  • +Packing Labor
  • +Shipping Label
  • +2 days delivery
Receiving Returns $1.00

Receive and store your returns.

Inspection $1.00

“Inspect and decide for disposal or resell.
Special inspection requests will be quoted separately.
Disposal Fee – $49.99 per pallet”

Receiving Returns - Sellable $0.75

“Prepare your returns for selling.
Special preparation requests will be quoted separately.”

Hourly Labor $35.00

To fulfill special orders which not specified on the list.

Special Packaging will quote

To pack orders with special box/envelope which not specified on the list.

Quality Inspection/Quantity Count & Verification will quote
Custom Product Box Prep. $1.00

To prepare custom boxes which you sent to us.

No Retainer Fee Required

Creative Design Services

Ultimate Design Plan Symbol

Ultimate Design Package

$1,000 /monthly
Speak With An Expert

What’s included

  • Brand Store
  • Basic & Premium A+ Content
  • Listing Optimization (SEO)
  • Listing Images & Videos
  • Photography Service
  • Brand Story
  • Thank You Card
  • Amazon Ads Visuals
  • Amazon Posts
  • Brand Identity
  • Off-Amazon Ads
  • 20-22 Hours Design Work / Month
$1,000 /monthly
Speak With An Expert
Creative Design Plan Symbol

Creative Design Services

What’s included

  • Brand Store $960 / 20 Hours
  • Brand Story $180 / 3 Hours
  • Basic A+ Content $300 / 5 Hours
  • Thank You Card $120 / 2 Hours
  • Premium A+ Content $500 / 8 Hours
  • Amazon Ads Video$300 / 4 Hours
  • Listing Images Design$300 / 5 Hours
  • Product Packaging$120 / 20 Hours
  • Product Photography (White Background)$180 / 3 Hours
  • Social Media Video$240 / 4 Hours
  • Product Photography (Lifestyle)contact us
  • Brand Identity$720 / 12 Hours
  • Amazon Product Video$240 / 4 Hours

Case Management Services

Health Plan Symbol

Ultimate Amazon Account Health Package

$1,000 /monthly
Speak With An Expert

What’s included

  • Wrong Category Corrections
  • Product Parent-Child Corrections
  • Handling Suspensions
  • SEO & Listing Corrections
  • Image Issues
  • Brand Registration Issues
  • Hijacker Management
  • Pricing & Buybox Problems
  • FBA Fee Corrections
  • Vendor Problems
  • Ranking Issues
  • Avoiding Black Hat Tactics
  • 20-22 Hours Case Management Work/Month
$1,000 /monthly
Speak With An Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Essential (Profit Analytics) is important as the foundation?

Profit analytics play a crucial role in shaping pricing strategies, managing costs, and optimizing inventory. They are essential for gaining a competitive edge and ensuring long-term sustainability. The Eva Essential package assists resellers and private label stores by offering valuable insights into their financial health, identifying profitable products, and tracking performance trends. Furthermore, Eva helps businesses make the most of their marketing budgets, leading to improved returns on investment. By uncovering key cost drivers and market dynamics, Eva enables companies to adapt swiftly to changes and effectively manage risks.

I want to compare the profitability of my products. Is it possible?

Definitely, you have the ability to compare the profitability of your products. Each of your individual SKUs is monitored using comprehensive performance metrics, including ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), Ad SKU Sales, Ad Spend, Attributed Ad Sales, CTR (Click-Through Rate), CVR (Conversion Rate), FBA Fee (Fulfillment by Amazon Fee), FBM Shipping (Fulfillment by Merchant Shipping), Impressions, Margin, Orders, Organic Sales, Product Cost, Product Name, Profit, Referral Fee, Refunds, ROI (Return on Investment), Sessions, Shipping to FBA Cost, TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales), Total Ad Sales, Total Sales, Units Sold, and Stock Levels. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the tracking period to suit your analysis needs by selecting either predefined or custom time frames.

What's the value of Dynamic Pricing for Private Labels?

Eva's dynamic pricing offers significant advantages to Private Labels by enabling strategic adjustments to prices. This functionality relies on analyzing various factors, including market demand, seasonal fluctuations, inventory levels, and the competitive landscape. The goal is to ensure that pricing strategies are both competitive and in line with market trends. Eva employs advanced algorithms to analyze up to two years' worth of sales data, guaranteeing that prices remain competitive and responsive to market dynamics. Furthermore, the integration of TACoS & BSR Pricing allows sellers to further refine their pricing strategies based on advertising efficiency and product ranking, ultimately optimizing profitability and market positioning. For more detailed information, please consult the Eva help center.

Is there an additional charge for connecting Walmart stores to the Essential Package?

Yes, for each Walmart store connected to your Essential Package, there is an extra $25 charge per month. This fee is applied to cover the costs associated with integrating and maintaining connections with Walmart's systems.

Are there any limits to the number of Walmart stores I can connect?

There are no limits to the number of Walmart stores you can connect to your Essential Package. However, please note that the additional $25 charge applies to each connected Walmart store.

What happens after canceling my subscription?

After you submit the cancellation, your subscription will be terminated at the end of the second full month following the cancellation notification. Please note that the full fee for two months will be charged as part of the cancellation process. During the termination period, you will be able to access the platform and the features of the current subscription.

Can I explore the profitability of a specific product in detail?

By choosing a particular SKU, you are able to obtain in-depth performance analytics through various metrics. These metrics encompass Sales & Profit Analytics, Traffic & Sales Information, Inventory, Reimbursements, and Refund data. All of this information is presented in a user-friendly chart format, making it easy to understand. Furthermore, you have the freedom to customize the time period for tracking on each chart. This allows you to observe trends and specific changes over time by selecting from pre-set or personalized time frames.

What's the value of Dynamic Pricing for Resellers?

Implementing dynamic pricing is crucial for Amazon sellers. It allows them to adjust prices in real-time based on market demand and competitor actions. By using features like Buy Box Suppression Threshold, Scheduled Pricing, Category Specified Pricing, Bulk Settings Update, and strategies against Hijackers, sellers can navigate Amazon's marketplace effectively. These tools optimize sales, profit margins, and maintain competitiveness. They also attract price-sensitive customers and increase the chances of winning the Buy Box.

What's replenishment forecasting?

Replenishment forecasting is a crucial strategy for predicting and overseeing inventory restocking. By utilizing tools like SKU Value, Fund Forecast, and SKU Forecast, sellers have the ability to optimize inventory levels through the analysis of sales data, product costs, and other criteria such as FBA enrollment and recent sales history. This approach guarantees efficient inventory management by maintaining the ideal stock levels to meet customer demand, while also avoiding the problems of overstocking or stockouts. Ultimately, this supports improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.

What if I need assistance during the cancellation process?

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while canceling your subscription, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance. We're here to help you through the process. You can get in touch with us via customersuccess@eva.guru

Can I choose to continue with certain services after cancellation?

Yes, during the cancellation process, you'll have the option to continue with additional packages such as the FBA Reimbursement package or the Essential Package.

How do I initiate the cancellation process?

Simply log in to your Eva account, navigate to your account settings, and locate the subscription management section. From there, you can initiate the cancellation process.

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Happy Products Inc

Juliette Fasset
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Salvattore Yaipén
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‘’Choosing Eva was a game changer for us. Their PPC expertise and comprehensive services transformed our e-commerce presence, shifting our focus from volume to profitability. Their dedication to delivering results is evident.’’

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Mathews Ventures, llc

Ricky Mathews
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‘’Eva Experts elevated my business to new heights. With their cutting-edge Eva AI technology, they guided me step-by-step to build an 8-figure Amazon seller. Their unparalleled expertise and tools exceeded all my expectations.’’

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