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Reimbursement Service Fee is 20% of Recovered Amount Ultimate Plan: +$250/month for 500,000 more Product Listings Ultimate Plan: +$250/month per additional $500,000 Monthly Revenue

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What is your Pricing Solution for Amazon Sellers?

Eva’s AI-Powered Repricer refreshed your listing prices at Amazon refresh rate to make sure you always beat the competition. Smart, so you don’t have to set a maximum price, worry about fees, or lose profits in price races to the bottom. It is easy to use and if you are unsure about product minimum price you can calculate using purchase price and desired ROI or Margins.    Learn More

What is your Pricing Solution for Private Labels?

We know Private Labels want to focus their time on improving their Brand, not setting and constantly updating Amazon prices. Our AI-powered solution will automatically update the price of your listings so you sell at the optimal price. To make sure you always have products in-stock, we will adjust sales velocity when your inventory is low and help you stock your most profitable items first.   Learn More

What is Eva’s Reimbursement Membership?

Eva’s Reimbursement Membership allows you to access our reimbursement services. Our team of experts will make sure you get full reimbursements from Amazon for a 20% service fee. We will also audit your past 18 months to find possible reimbursement opportunities that were missed.    Learn More

What if I only need Reimbursement Services?

You can get only reimbursement services (though our pricing solution will still be available to you if you choose to use it). All that’s needed is the starter plan at $24/month

Tell me about your Analytics.

We understand the importance of good data to grow your business. To help you make smart, data-based decisions we display the most important information about your business. One area that we focus on specifically is your profits because that is the money that you take home.  Learn More

What do you mean by Monthly Revenue?

The Monthly Revenue caps in our plans refer to the amount of revenue that is generated through your Eva account. So we will not count any business that is not visible in Eva. Your package is calculated by your highest revenue month in the last 3 months.

What is your Free Reimbursement

The $500, $1000, or $6000 free reimbursement is a deduction from our reimbursement service fee. For example, you would not be billed for the first $500 worth of reimbursement services – after that, a 20% service fee will apply to reimbursements.

Can I connect multiple stores?

Yes you can connect as many stores as you want. You will be able to access all your stores from a single user account. We will combine them into a single bill and charge a $10/month fee per additional store. We will consolidate all the revenue to pick the plan for you.

What is a dedicated Account Manager?

Growing your Amazon business can be hard and sometimes you have lots of questions. In other situations, your team is handling the store and you want to make sure they have a dedicated point of contact. Our team has end-to-end Amazon store management experience so they provide accurate and detailed answers to your questions. 

If I don’t get an Account Manager will I still get support?

We have documentation to help with most questions as well as 24/7 support available. It is our value to constantly improve our solution to be more intuitive and easy to use so that you are able to get all your Amazon Management needs done fast and efficiently. Please also reach out to us if you find anything complex or have thoughts on improvements – we are here to grow together. 

How many users can I have?

You can have as many users per eva account as you would like. There is no extra charge for additional users. 

I am a Bookerseller does Eva still work?

Our algorithm adjusts automatically to booksellers so you never leave money on the table. Ignore the new sellers and long-time waiting ones

How fast do you reprice?

Eva reprices at the Amazon refresh rate so there is no way to reprice faster. 

What are Eva's Features?

  • Real-time Repricing
  • Price Management
  • Sales Velocity based Strategies
  • Unlimited SKUs Listings
  • Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Reimbursement
  • 19 Amazon Marketplaces
  • Unlimited Users 
  • Expert Support

  Repricer Features Private Label Pricing Features Reimbursements Features Analytics Features

What are Eva's Values

  • Reliable – Our solutions will make sure you sell at the best price possible 
  • Easy to Use – All features should be intuitive and improve your business
  • Actionable Analytics – Know your business and what decisions to make
  • Best in Class Support – Our support team is available 24/7 and passionate to help
  • Affordable – We want to help the most Amazon sellers while taking the least of their profits

Can I Pay Annually?

This is a question that we get sometimes but by and far it seems that most sellers do not want to pay annually. We trust our solutions so we do not offer any standard annual plans to lock in customers, however if you have a specific reason to pay annual please contact us and we will work with you. 

How does the free trial work?

You’ll get instant access to all of our features for a full 15 days. You’ll be able try intelligent repricer, get access to reimbursement, advertising and sales & profit analytics and much more. When your trial period is over, you will never want to run your business without, not even for a day! You’ll be prompted to select a paid plan and all your data, configurations and listings will remain intact.

Do I have to actively cancel my account if I do not want to continue after the trial?

No. There is no automatic subscription. If you don’t activate a plan, the account will simply run out at the end of the trial.

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