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About Eva

Eva is a software company that helps eCommerce sellers sell more and drive more profit in the ever-expanding world of online sales. Our powerful tools and exclusive technology take advantage of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and 20-year expertise in eCommerce. Eva’s All-In-One Platform provides all essential services for online sales, including pricing software, Amazon advertising, inventory management, 3PL logistics, and FBA reimbursement. Our commitment is to help you make smarter decisions, automate your operations, boost sales, and grow your business exponentially.
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Hai Mag

Co-Founder / CEO

Hai brings a unique perspective to the table with his 20 years of experience in eCommerce and software development, building thriving businesses from scratch. He is a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur, Growth Leader, and Investor with experience in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Hai’s main values are resilience, passion, hard work, compassion, and empathy. Before founding Eva, Hai worked in various executive roles in Silicon Valley-based startup companies and as Oracle Vice President Responsible for a $1B Business.


Barry Guze

Co-Founder / CXO

Barry is co-founder and CXO at Eva and has 24-years of expertise in technology, eCommerce, and Amazon retail. His passion for building Digital Commerce products that combine his knowledge with Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence drives growth & profitability for users! Before co-founding Eva, Barry worked with individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies to develop and implement profitable strategies for internet-based sales, with a specialization in the Amazon sales platform as well as eBay and Walmart.

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