Repricer for Resellers

Win the Buy Box and Boost Your Profits

Eva pricing management enables you to sell confidently on Amazon. Delicately designed on over 20 years of experience in the field of Tech and Amazon end-to-end Store Management, it takes only minutes to set up and manage.

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Repricer For Resellers
Cutting Edge Tech


With the advanced technology of Eva which is designed scalability in mind, there is no falling behind. Eva’s automated AI-powered designed pricing management feature works 24/7 to advance the percentage of your Buy Box ownership and to escalate your profit.

  • Watch Price Changes on Real-Time Graphs 
  • Avoid Price Race to the Bottom
  • Update Price at Amazon Refresh Rate
  • Detect and React to the Competitors Autonomously
  • Use Price Scheduler for Advanced Pricing Management 

Easy Reprice


Unlike manual rule-based pricers, Eva’s pricing management goes by data-driven technology and handles everything for you. She considers all of your expenses and costs, analyzes the competitors and makes the best pricing decisions for each item.

  • No Need to Set up Rules or Algorithms
  • Price Back-Ordered and Inbound Items
  • Never Worry about ‘Buy Box Suppression’
  • Calculate Optimal min. Price Based on Costs and Margin/ROI 
  • Price Same ASIN Simultaneously – FBA and FBM  

Avoid Pricing Violations


Do not worry about pricing errors or any pricing violations. Eva works according to Amazon’s Fair Pricing Policy to avoid any probable high or low pricing errors.  

  • No need to set a maximum price
  • Avoid min. / max. pricing errors
  • Reactive Suppressed SKUs & Adjust Price Automatically 
  • Price in Compliance with Amazon Fair Pricing Policy 

Situation Specific Strategies


Eva increases your profit with her case-based pricing feature. She constantly optimizes the price of each item in its context to set specific timeous strategies on the SKU level.

  • Price Based on Item Condition (including renewals)
  • Manage Business Pricing Simultaneously 
  • Price Based on Sales Velocity in case of Single Offer 
  • Compete Only with Eligible Sellers
  • Never Leave Money on the Table 

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Get your sales moving up and operational costs down with a single action! The setup process takes only 15 minutes.

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Easy Setup & Use

Eva is extremely easy to setup and use. Manage your Amazon business peacefully while Eva is working in the background for you.


24/7 Live Support

Eva provides 24/7 live support for her customers. You can chat with an Amazon Expert any time you want. If you are looking for answers, just contact us!


Affordable Price

Get the premium features affordably. Eva offers you the best-fit services according to your needs at reasonable prices.

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