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Optimize Your Ad Spend Using The Amazon Marketing Cloud

Optimize Your Ad Spend Using The Amazon Marketing Cloud


The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a powerful tool for advertisers who want to take control of their advertising campaigns. 

AMC collects data from multiple channels to gain insights into an audience, optimizes ad performance, and helps sellers optimize conversions.

If your business has a multi-channel approach, then you can amplify the effectiveness of your Amazon funnel strategy by taking advantage of AMC’s purchase data analysis.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this article on optimizing ad spend using the Amazon Marketing Cloud:

What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud?

In a world where CPC ads are ever-increasing and cost margins matter, the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a great tool to help you make the most of your investment.

It offers insights into your primary audiences using KPI data like impressions, engagements, and conversions. Plus, you can set up campaigns in minutes with custom reports and attribution analysis powered by SQL queries.

It matters because you can effectively track a buyer through the customer journey and identify where how customers in your Amazon advertising funnel interacted with your brand.

With AMC, it’s simple to determine which ads are most effective and make data-driven decisions.

Here’s Why Your Brand Should Use AMC

Oddly, this is a feature most brands utilize sparingly. Yet, this information is essential for brands following a full-funnel advertising strategy. Consider it the Google Analytics of AdWords for Amazon brands.

Why? Understanding where your customer found your product and their conversion journey helps direct funds more efficiently. Here are additional reasons:

To Collect Data Cross-Channel

Amazon Marketing Cloud

If you’re running campaigns on multiple channels, utilize the Amazon Marketing Cloud to collect data and understand your campaigns’ performance.

With this Amazon analytics tool, you can analyze the performance of each channel, compare which ones are more effective, and adjust your budget accordingly.

To Filter Analytic Data That Matters To Your Brand

Analytics is your golden ticket if you’re in the marketing business. You can use AMC to filter and analyze data relevant to your brand while taking insights from it to make informed decisions.

Do you want to know whether Twitch commercials or Amazon Echo streams bring more awareness to your brand? You’ll uncover that and more with AMC.

To Maximize Ad Performance

amazon amc

The Amazon Marketing Cloud offers you the tools to maximize your ad performance, increase conversions, and boost sales.

You can use it to look into the types of ads that perform better, the channels they are most effective on, and how to optimize the campaign asset to increase conversion rates.

To Understand An Audience & Their Preferred Channels

Monitoring and understanding your audience is key to growth. With AMC, you can measure the response to your ads, understand the channels they use, and target your ideal buyers.

Plus, it provides detailed reports showing each channel’s effectiveness, so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.

How To Use Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Working with an agency is the easiest way to establish an Amazon Marketing Cloud account. Because you must create SQL queries, it’s not the most user-friendly program. The power isn’t in who works on or pulls data from the reports in AMC—it’s in the data.

Allowing it to answer several pressing questions about your advertising strategy and seeing significant results from a minor change to strategy is where the true gains are made.

The way you use AMC will depend on your goals and strategies.

For example, to increase conversions, you’ll use AMC to analyze who clicks on your ad, how long they stay engaged, and what assets they interact with most.

When you understand this data, you can adjust your ads to improve the click-through and conversion rates while increasing your campaigns’ performance.

The analytics for your brand might explain that advertising on this site brings returns 23% higher or hint that a change in ad frequency can increase sales by 18%.

There’s no one-size answer, but if you’re already advertising throughout the Amazon ecosystem, you’ll benefit from the extensive data analytics found in AMC.

In conclusion, the Amazon Marketing Cloud is an invaluable tool for brands wanting to optimize their ad spend, measure campaigns across channels, and maximize their ads’ performance.

It requires some technical expertise, but its results are worth the effort. With the Amazon Marketing Cloud, you can gain meaningful insights to understand and target your audiences, adjust ad strategy accordingly, and ensure you get the most out of your budget.

You can also use it to look into the types of ads that perform better, the channels they are most effective on, and how to optimize the campaign asset to increase conversion rates.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to maximize your ad spend, consider the free data in the Amazon Marketing Cloud. It won’t let you down!


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