7 Top Benefits of Joining Amazon Brand Registry

7 Top Benefits of Joining Amazon Brand Registry


Amazon’s Brand Registry is a one-of-a-kind initiative that helps you validate your brand. It also provides you with a competitive advantage against unregistered brands.

According to Amazon;

“Enrolling in the Brand Registry gives you access to strong tools to help you protect your trademarks, such as proprietary text and picture search and predictive automation,” says the company.

This post will help you to understand the concept of Amazon Brand Registry extensively. What is it? What features does it include? Does it have risk? If yes, what are they, and what can be done to overcome them? 

Before jumping into the benefits of Brand Registry, let’s acknowledge the concept of Amazon Brand Registry.

What features does Amazon Brand Registry include?

  • It gives you, the brand owner, more control over the content of your listings.
  • Establishes a different, more efficient internal team to manage the listings and make accurate alterations.
  • Provides an internal workforce committed to filing and escalating IP infringement cases.
  • Provides a tool for tracking your brand’s performance on Amazon.
  • To improve the content display on product listings, you’ll get access to Amazon A+ Content. 
  • Increase your visibility by using many types of advertising and interactive media.

Risks to be considered with Brand Registry ;

Unfortunately, there are some unpleasant issues that sellers use the brand registration to harm others’ reputations. For example, those sellers are called “black hats.” According to reliable sources, they have fake patents and trademarks and have registered brands under such names. So with the fake id, they claim false information and a bad reputation.

By giving fake contact information, they actually block the actual sellers’ way to developing their business. This makes it highly challenging for Amazon to can’t deter them from using these bad-actor strategies.

Register your brand as soon as possible to avoid these problems and protect yourself. Once the brand is registered in your name, black hat sellers will be unable to report it and make false claims against you. 

Also, You need a trademark to register the Brand RegistryYou can check online for trademark registration with each step and get answers to other questions. 

7 Benefits Of Joining the Amazon Brand Registry 

Many of the registry’s benefits and capabilities can be found right on your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

You can access the Brand Dashboard as a member of the Brand Registry by going to the Performance tab on Seller Central’s main navigation bar and selecting Brand Dashboard.

Protect your brand

When you register a trademark for your product, reasonably, you want complete protection of it. Thanks to the brand registry, provides total security for your product. 

You will be able to protect your copyrights and content on Amazon, and a dedicated internal team will be on hand to assist you with ;

  1. Reports any market violation, even product review manipulations. 
  2. Reports of any problems with your listing, such as inaccurate product details, product variation information, and blocked listings, should be noted.
  3. Shows the previous claims
  4. Reports any technical issues with your product listing’s page loading
  5. You’ll be able to keep track of all of your ongoing cases related to any of the above and escalate as needed.

2. Access to Brand Analytics 

When you register for Amazon Brand Registry, you automatically get the chance to reach Amazon Brand Analytics. 

Amazon Brand Analytics is a tool available only to Amazon Brand Registry members, also known as Brand Owners. Businesses can use Brand Analytics to access insightful reports and actionable data to help them make decisions about marketing, advertising, and selling on Amazon.

3. Access A+ content

One of the best features of a Brand registry is that it provides an “A+ Content Manager. ” 

Adding additional text and images to your product listings, in addition to the standard plain-text product description, is possible with enhanced brand content. Using A+ content doubles your conversion rate, meaning Amazon Brand Registry improves your sales. 

Finally, it gives your listing a much more professional image.

4. Engage customers with your brand

Brand Registry will instantly add value to your brand and legitimize your business. With a brand registry, sellers can add product videos to their listings. Videos can be a significant point for buyers to decide which results in increased sales to your business. 

5. Sponsored Brand Ads

This is another feature to engage with customers; the headline ads will appear at the top of the page in the Amazon search results. 

Sellers can use these ads to help drive brand discovery by using custom communication to help shoppers see your brand the way you want them to see it. Customers are already looking for your product, so what better way to bring their attention to your brand. 

6.  Amazon Live Creator

This live stream is a great way to engage with your customers. Sellers can add engaging live videos that will renovate your brand strategy. In other words, as a seller, you can share your brand story that will widen your business network. Sellers can even use live chat with customers, which definitely increases the transparency and credibility of your business. 

7. Understand Your Customers

To satisfy your customers, you need to understand their needs and requirements. One of the quite brilliant benefits of the Brand registry is that it allows you to understand your customers. Understanding your customers’ needs will ultimately guide your decisions about tools to use and services available to you.

Moreover, you’ll be able to analyze your brand and make market base analysis. Brand Analytics collects data on customer searches and purchases to help you improve your business operations. For example, market basket Analysis provides you the information on the products purchased together by 1 customer. So that you can develop your cross-selling and bundling strategies or even add new products to your listing. In addition, you can investigate the other products which one is the most frequently compared with yours. 

So, it is a fantastic address to build up your business, boost your sales, develop your network, and know your customers.