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Minimize Operational Costs, Maximize Profits & Grow Your Brand On Walmart

Are you a Walmart Seller struggling to streamline operations, optimize pricing, and maximize profit? Look no further. Introducing Eva: Your All-in-One Solution for Walmart Success. Our holistic solution combines Ads, Pricing, and Supply Chain data, eliminating the hassle of disconnected systems. Gain the competitive edge you need to skyrocket your Walmart business. Join Eva today and transform your Walmart selling experience like never before.
Profit Analytics $25/Mo – Unlimited Features – 11% Reimbursement Recovery Fee
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Eva’s Tool Suite For Walmart Marketplace Sellers

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Pricing Optimization

By analyzing market trends, competitor pricing, demand patterns, and above all, your desired ROI, Eva generates the best possible price in any given situation.

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Walmart Advertising Services

Our team of experts creates and manages highly targeted and effective Walmart PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. We optimize ad placements, keywords, and bids to reach their your audience, increase visibility, and drive more traffic to their Walmart listings.
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Inverntory Management

Eva provides Walmart Marketplace Sellers with real-time visibility and control over inventory levels. Through efficient tracking and analysis, you avoid stockouts, minimize overstocking, and maintain optimal inventory levels. This way, you’ll never run out of stock, prevents lost sales, and improves overall operational efficiency.

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3PL Logistics

Eva’s 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) lets you outsource your fulfillment operations to ex-Amazonian experts all over the US and Europe. With Eva, you can streamline the supply chain, reduce shipping costs, and enhance order fulfillment speed. This lets you focus on core business activities while providing customers with fast and efficient delivery experiences.

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WFS Reimbursement

Eva’s WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Service) reimbursement services help you recover fees and reimbursements Walmart owes you for lost or damaged inventory, overcharged fees, or incorrect reimbursements. We audit and analyze all your WFS transactions to make sure your lost revenue is 0%.

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Creative Design Services

Eva provides creative design services specifically for Walmart listings, including product photography, videography, and copywriting. We create eye-catching visuals and compelling product descriptions to captivate your next shoppers, increase click-through rates, and drive conversions.

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Customer Feedback Management

Enhance your reputation and build customer trust with Eva. You’ll be able to easily monitor, manage, and respond to customer feedback, ensuring a positive shopping experience and higher seller ratings.

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Shipment Support

Streamline your shipping process and meet Walmart’s delivery requirements effortlessly with Eva. We help you track shipments, handle returns, and ensure timely and efficient order fulfillment.

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Account Health Management

Maintain a healthy and compliant Walmart Seller account with Eva’s account health management services. We monitor key metrics, address any performance issues, and provide guidance to ensure your account remains in good standing.

Getting Started With Eva Is Free & Easy

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Stand Out

Rise above the competition with Eva’s expert strategies that help your products grab customers’ attention in the crowded Walmart marketplace.

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Profitability Made Simple

Optimize prices without compromising profitability using Eva’s advanced algorithms that analyze market trends and competitor prices.

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Streamlined Supply Chain

Simplify inventory management, automate order fulfillment, and meet Walmart’s delivery requirements seamlessly.

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Navigate with Confidence

Get personalized guidance and support to confidently navigate Walmart’s systems and processes, even as a new seller.

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Amplify Your Reach

Drive qualified traffic and increase conversions with Eva’s targeted Walmart PPC campaigns and expert marketing solutions.

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Seamless Omnichannel Management

Manage sales across multiple channels effortlessly with Eva, consolidating operations for maximum efficiency.

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