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Take Back the Money Amazon Owes You

Our in-house team of experts specializes in the fastest refund service for Amazon vendors on the market.We analyze the last 5 years of sales history to detect and recover 1% to 5% going through all possible reimbursement cases and provide detailed monthly reports so you never miss out on the money you deserve.

Recover Your Lost Revenue Without Lifting a Finger!

Did you know Amazon Vendors lose 2-3% of their monthly revenue on average due to unrecovered funds?At Eva, we offer a comprehensive audit service that uncovers potential reimbursement opportunities, helping you recover your lost revenue.

Recover Your Lost Revenue Without Lifting a Finger!

Comprehensive Audits Covering Multiple Areas



We review the calculations and allocations of Cooperative Advertising (COOP) and Market Development Fund (MDF) fees, ensuring they are accurate and appropriately applied.


Invoicing Errors

We meticulously examine your invoices to identify any errors that may have led to incorrect billing or underpayment.



We investigate instances of shortages where the actual quantity received is less than what was ordered, aiming to recover the appropriate reimbursement.


Pricing Errors

Our audit includes a thorough review of pricing discrepancies, ensuring that you are not underpaid due to inaccurate pricing or promotions.



We analyze chargebacks to identify instances where you may be entitled to reimbursement due to invalid claims or errors.


Freight & Damage Allowances

Our audit process includes a detailed examination of freight charges and damage allowances to ensure proper reimbursement for any incurred costs.


Package Prep Fees

We scrutinize package preparation fees, verifying that you are not overcharged for services rendered.


Transportation & Receiving Issues

We investigate transportation and receiving issues, seeking reimbursement for any costs incurred due to delays, damages, or errors in logistics.

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