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Mastering Vendor Profit Recovery

Transform your Amazon Vendor financial recovery with our expert-driven service. Leverage dedicated specialists and our strong Amazon relationship for swift fund recovery. Our service covers 100 types of chargebacks and shortages, auditing transactions up to the last 5 years. Ensure comprehensive recovery and strengthen your financial position effortlessly.

Profit Analytics $25/Mo – Unlimited Features – 18% Vendor Recovery Fee

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Detect & Resolve
Financial Discrepancies 

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Mitigate & Identify
Revenue Loss 
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Analyze & Discover
Transaction Records

Vendor Recovery: Identifying and Rectifying Financial Discrepancies in Ecommerce

Vendor Recovery entails the meticulous process of identifying and rectifying financial discrepancies within ecommerce accounts. This service detects and resolves revenue losses stemming from errors in financial agreements, inaccuracies in invoicing, or unnoticed blunders buried within transaction records.

Group 39542

Co-Op MDF Feed

  • CoOperative Fee Overcharges
  • Market Development Fund Fee Overcharges

Invoicing Errors

  • Invoice – Payment Shortages
  • Invoice – PO Discrepancies
Group (1)


  • Shortage Claim Reversals
  • PO – Payment Discrepancies
Group (2)


  • Pricing Discrepancies for ASINs (Invoice – Payment)
Group 39541

Invoice - Payment Discrepancies

  • Overcharge Issues
  • Fee Management & Calculations
Group 39543

Co-Op MDF Feed

  • Shortage Reversals
  • Recovering Discrepancies

Our Audit Includes​

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Thorough Account Audit Process

We analyze every aspect of your account, meticulously examining transactions, data, and records. Our goal is to identify any discrepancies that may have occurred, leading to potential reimbursement opportunities.
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Expert Resolution by Amazon Specialists

Once discrepancies are identified, our team of highly trained Amazon experts springs into action. We have extensive experience working with Amazon Vendor Central support and know the ins and outs of their processes. Our experts take charge of communicating on your behalf, swiftly resolving the identified issues.
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Transparency and Regular Updates

Leverage years of multichannel logistics expertise combined with cutting-edge software that ensure you avoid stockouts, reach more customers & eliminate extra fees.
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 1% to 5%

  • Recover
Vendor Central Audit .png

5 Years

of Sales History Analysis


30 Days (Monthly)

Detailed Reports

Our Services

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Advanced Automation​

Eva leverages the power of advanced automation tools to conduct a meticulous review of your financial data. Our cutting-edge system swiftly flags any disparities in both incoming and outgoing transactions, ensuring prompt attention to any discrepancies.​
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Seamless Vendor Account Integration​

Through seamless integration of vendor accounts with our platform, Eva ensures the efficient access of essential data to effectively identify discrepancies and streamline the recovery process.​
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Free Audit Service​

We offer a complimentary audit service to provide valuable insights into potentially recoverable data. This free audit serves as a demonstration of our commitment to helping every vendor maximize their revenue recovery potential.​
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Transparent Reporting​

Transparency is fundamental to Eva’s philosophy. We provide detailed accounting and progress reports on a monthly basis, ensuring vendors are kept well-informed about the status of reimbursement processes and the progress being made.​
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Expertise and Proficiency​

At the core of Eva’s success lies a team of experts specializing in Amazon’s Vendor Central support. Upon identifying discrepancies, our team takes prompt measures to resolve these issues on behalf of vendors.​
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Invoicing Mastery​

Eva excels in managing invoices with a unique edge. By downloading and presenting invoices within the platform, Eva offers a crucial advantage that significantly enhances the process of identifying discrepancies and differences.​
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80 %
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