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Maximize Returns From Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Eva grows your FBA Refunds by 20% at minimum at a 50% cheaper rate than our competitors
Eva is the choice of the Top 100 Amazon Sellers and 9000 Brand Owners

Make no mistake. Eva is the right partner for you

Don’t waste your money on expensive Reimbursement Service companies or rely on internal resources to recover funds. Internal teams may overlook many reimbursement cases, and external service providers often charge exorbitant commissions of 20% or more. With Eva’s cutting-edge technology and top-notch service, rest assured that all your funds will be efficiently recovered without hefty costs. Eva can recover 2% – 4% of revenues back from Amazon.

Avoid Suspension Risks
Eva Teams Operate in Amazon Countries

Discover the key to avoiding Amazon store suspensions caused by Virtual Assistants (VAs) accessing stores from non-Amazon countries.
Unlike many others, Eva’s dedicated teams are strategically located solely within countries where Amazon maintains offices, particularly in the U.S. As an Advanced partner of Amazon, Eva harnesses the power of Amazon APIs billions of times daily through its technology.

Reimbursement Recovery Services With Transparent Views

User-Friendly Dashboards
User-Friendly Dashboards
Get access to easy-to-understand dashboards & reports that provide clear reporting on reimbursement claims.
Straightforward Case Resolution
Straightforward Case Resolution
View a list of resolved cases by date, provider & by ASIN number. Easily export, sort & filter your financial data.
Filter By Value & Quantity
Filter By Value & Quantity
Determine which products you have are being reimbursed the most by both value & quantity.

Reimbursements For Brands, Agencies & Resellers

Eva provides reimbursement recovery services for both small & large customers.
Get user-friendly dashboards with a clear view of key operational insights &
performance metrics you need to run your business effectively.

From small to large eCommerce brands, clients rely on Eva to make their workload more efficient & seamless. We empower our clients to use data-driven approaches to increase sales, operational efficiency & maximize profitability.
From small consultants to enterprise agencies, clients leverage Eva to easily manage their clients’ pricing, promotions, ads and inventory. Eva provides key reporting insights & recovers lost revenue from reimbursements.
Both small & large resellers leverage Eva for the fastest pricing management tool on the market, replenishment forecasting simulations & to recover lost revenue from reimbursements.

Discover How The Eva Platform Guides Customers To Success On Amazon

The Eva team simplified our workflow, increased our operational efficiency, and helped us eliminate excess fees from Amazon. Implementing the software was seamless, and the team is highly responsive & supportive, treating my store like their store. My favorite features are dynamic pricing & reimbursements because they methodically, accurately & consistently continue to add profits back into my business.The Eva platform is my company’s superpower to maximize visibility & become more profitable on.
Juliette Fassette
Happy Products Inc.

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