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Amazon Reimbursements: Superior Success & Best Rates

Empower your Amazon business with unparalleled recovery rates, celebrated by the top 2 global Amazon sellers. Our 98% success benchmark, coupled with strategic partnerships with Amazon, ensures you receive the market’s best rates, comprehensive audits, and coverage across a wide array of case types. With dedicated specialists and transparent, real-time analytics, we offer the ultimate safeguard for your profits and a seamless path to financial recovery.

Profit Analytics $25/Mo – Unlimited Features – 11% Reimbursement Recovery Fee
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Amazon Freight Partner

Make no mistake. Eva is the right partner for you

Avoid wasting money on costly Reimbursement Service companies or relying solely on internal resources for fund recovery. Internal teams may miss numerous reimbursement cases, while external providers often charge excessive commissions, sometimes exceeding 20%. With Eva’s advanced technology and exceptional service, be confident that all funds will be efficiently recovered at a fraction of the cost. Eva can typically reclaim 2% to 4% of revenues from Amazon.

Mask Group (10)

Inbound Shipments

  • NEW! Cancelled Shipments
  • Lost Items During Shipment
Mask Group (11)

Lost in Warehouse

  • Inventory Recovery
  • Reimbursement Adjustments
Mask Group (12)

Damaged in Warehouse

  • Reimbursement Adjustments
  • Damaged in Transit
  • Distributor Damages
Mask Group (13)

Customer Returns

  • Refunded But Not Returned
  • Overpaid & Wrong Item Returns
  • Replacement Issues
  • Wrong Orders
Mask Group (14)

Customer Service Issues

  • 12 Reasons for Sellers
  • Readjustments & Reconciliations
Mask Group (15)

Pick and Pack & Storage Fees

  • Overcharge Issues
  • Fee Management & Calculations
Mask Group (16)

Measurement Issue

  • Remeasurement & Reimbursement
  • Measurement Handling & Tracking
Mask Group (17)

NEW! Outbound

  • Case Management
  • Adjustment of the Inventory

FBA Reimbursement Recovery
Services With Transparent Views

Get full visibility into your Amazon operations with user-friendly dashboards using real-time analytics to deliver critical insights & alerts about your cases on Amazon.

Store Level.png

Store Level Visibility

Get a birds-eye view of your store’s historical sales & profit analytics, inventory health and advertising performance. Save hours of time compiling reports, avoid extra fees & optimize your operations in a few clicks.

Product Level.png

Product Level Visibility

Get a detailed view of your ASIN’s historical sales & profit analytics, pricing adjustments, inventory health and advertising performance. Seamlessly calculate & monitor each product’s fees, expenses & costs in easy-to-understand dashboards.

Daily Sales.png

Daily Sales Visibility

Eva analytics helps you easily visualize your daily sales, advertising & profit data. The platform uses this data along with demand, trends, category, seasonality & inventory levels to deliver next-best actions to increase revenue and profitability.


Operational Visibility

With Eva Analytics you get easily accessing insights on sales, profit, inventory, and advertising performance. It saves time, minimizes fees, and offers actionable data for revenue and profitability optimization

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User-Friendly Dashboards

Get access to easy-to-understand dashboards & reports that provide clear reporting on reimbursement claims.

Straightforward Case Resolution.png

Straightforward Case Resolution

View a list of resolved cases by date, provider & by ASIN number. Easily export, sort & filter your financial data.

Filter By Value Quantity0a.png

Filter By Value & Quantity

Determine which products you have are being reimbursed the most by both value & quantity.

Reimbursement Case Reason.png

Reimbursement Case Reason

You’ll see a pie chart on your reimbursement cases and you can check all your cases reason by reason.

Comprehensive Report Access:
Amazon FBA Reimbursement Cases

Easily visualize your data within Eva and export the reimbursement reports with the click of a button.

Storage Fee Report0a 1.png

FBA Fee & Remeasurement Report

Analyze daily sales, advertising & profit data to identify top-selling ASINs & trends

Inventory Health0a Copy 2.png

Storage Fee Report

Easily generate advertising reports that quickly segment campaigns, portfolios & products

Shipment Reconciliation0a Lost Inbound Report 1.png

Shipment Reconciliation
& Lost Inbound Report

Quickly generate reports that filter ASINs by fulfillment type & status (inventory, pricing, buy box)






Ad Spend



Avg. Increase In



Reduction In
Operational Costs



Reduction In

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Avoid Suspension Risks Eva Teams Operate in Amazon Countries

Avoid Amazon store suspensions due to VAs accessing from non-Amazon countries.

Eva’s teams are in countries with Amazon offices, mainly in the U.S.

As an Advanced partner, Eva uses Amazon APIs billions of times daily.

This strategic location and partnership minimize the risk of non-compliant access by VAs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selling on Amazon, your products can suffer damage or loss, and this isn’t limited to just within the warehouse. During shipment, your items can get lost or damaged, or you may encounter similar scenarios. In such cases, as per FBA policy, Amazon is responsible for the fate of these products. However, while Amazon does open reimbursement cases itself, this process can be both lengthy and may not always lead to resolution. Therefore, trained reimbursement managers and AI software are involved in opening, monitoring, and resolving these cases in the reimbursement department.


Once you apply for Eva, our reimbursement department will reach out to you and provide instructions about the process. During this process, you can also ask specific questions to the reimbursement manager assigned to you.

By the end of each month, only the amounts of successfully opened cases are calculated, and then added to your invoice separately according to reimbursement commission rate which is 11% . Apart from that, there is no subscription fee.

Yes, you can! Since stores are added on an account basis, you can add as many stores as you want.

Certainly, you can! Our reimbursement managers can offer comprehensive details through the reimbursement reports. Additionally, you can request specific reports related to reimbursement directly from the reimbursement managers.

Once you apply for the reimbursement service, we analyze your store and potential eligible cases. This process involves examining 18 months of data to ensure no opportunity for reimbursement is overlooked.

We utilize AI technology to track the cases. Under the supervision of reimbursement managers, we prioritize your needs and the requirements of the cases. Once approved, we maintain a list of them and send you reports.

Yes, you can! We offer a standalone option under our pricing page and it’s only 15% commission rate. However, opting for the reimbursement service along with the platform subscription provides significant advantages, as the reimbursement fee rate decreases to 11%.

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