Supercharge Your Sales, Ranking &
Profits From Amazon Advertising

Get expert insights & recommendations to make more sales while reducing ad spend, beating your competition and decreasing TACOS.

Amazon Advertising Is Too Complex & Complicated

Feeling scared of losing sales on Amazon from rising advertising costs & increased competition? You don’t have to be. Your business shouldn’t have to increase its budget to make more sales.

Advertising Services To Help Your Brand Make More Sales On & Off Amazon

We let our powerful AI technology do the heavy lifting, but your account is reviewed & optimized daily by the Eva PPC experts to maximize profits from PPC.

We’ll Guide Your Brand To Success Advertising On Amazon Using A Holistic Approach

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  • Strategy & Execution
  • Unified Consumer & Market Intelligence
  • Increase Performance
  • Off-Amazon Marketing & Advertising
  • Real-Time Reporting

Eva Is A Results-Driven Technology & Agency Partner You Can Count On

From the day we start working together, our team will be on-hand to increase sales & grow your brand on Amazon:

  • Define KPIs, targets & goals
  • Ongoing analysis of competitors, pricing, advertising behavior & inventory levels that make your brand successful on Amazon
  • Smart budgeting & planning
  • Avoid stockouts
  • Direct access to dedicated account PPC experts
  • We are a top-rated Amazon Ads Advanced Partner

Smarter, Faster & More Profitable Decisions

Get access to the fastest, most comprehensive optimization platform on the market. Our AI technology is the only platform that correlates competitors, advertising, ranking & inventory into pricing decisions:

  • Quicker decisions made than any other AI software to stay ahead of your competition
  • Actionable insights made from over 2B data points based on inventory, price, similar products, competitors, sales velocity & BSR
  • Powerful AI data reviewed daily by Eva PPC experts
  • Flexible & streamlined PPC management
  • Ongoing optimization of ad spend & keyword discovery
  • 2M+ monthly bid changes executed

Combine Superhuman Intelligence With Our PPC Expertise

Get access to an all-in-one platform with dedicated experts to help make your brand on Amazon more efficient & profitable:

  • Profit maximization with dynamic pricing based on inventory, trends, seasonality, competition, sales velocity, etc.
  • Increase product & ad rankings / visibility, decreased ad spend
  • Optimized ACOS & TACOS
  • Ongoing daily optimizations & improvements

Deliver Better Insights From Potential Customers

Drive external traffic & conversions to rank higher, increase revenue and grow your customer list on Amazon.

  • External traffic from TikTok, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & email sent to your Amazon listings
  • Both organic & paid placements
  • Increased brand awareness, sales & ranking
  • Optimized ad spend

Data Insights & Visibility

From the day we start working together, our team will be on-hand to increase sales & grow your brand on Amazon:

  • Unified reporting across one or multiple channels
  • Accurate & reliable data to inform PPC decisions
  • Weekly team meetings to review, recap & readjust
  • Access to 1-Day, 7-Day, 14-Day, 30-Day, 60-Day & Custom Date reports

How Your Business Can Thrive Through Rising Advertising Costs


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Growth & Optimization

Your sales are growing, your ad spend is reducing and we are hard at work each day optimizing your account for maximum profitability. With weekly performance recap calls, we continuously works alongside your team to grow your business in new marketplaces on Amazon!

You Only Thought Your Business Couldn’t Maximize
Profitability From Amazon Advertising

Increasing profits from Amazon PPC with rising advertising costs & increased competition seems impossible. Beating your competition, making more sales & managing Amazon PPC campaigns is way too complicated. The whole process can leave you feeling frustrated & confused. But no business should have to feel that way. Our expert insights & services will help maximize your advertising profits on Amazon.

Thinking Of Hiring Someone Else To Manage Your Brand’s
Advertising On Amazon? Think Again

Before you allow your brand to be managed by an inexperienced team, consultant or agency, let our team take a look at how we can help. Being an Advanced Amazon Partner, you can ensure that you’ll get a data-packed, highly-customized solution tailored to fit your growing brand’s needs.

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