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Maximize Your Amazon Profits with
Optimal Pricing Prediction

Our AI optimizes pricing strategy using sales velocity, advertising, category, competition for profit. Get access to pricing software that empowers your brand to outsmart your competition, make more sales & maximize profits on Amazon without any headaches or frustrations. 

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Increase Profit Margins

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Don’t Miss Another Sale On Amazon

Feeling frustrated that increased competition has lowered your margins on Amazon? You don’t have to be. Your Amazon business shouldn’t have to sacrifice conversions & revenue to your competition. With Eva’s dynamic pricing & promotion management, we make conversion simple.


We Know How Hard It Is To Increase Margins On Amazon

  1. 51% Avg Increase In Profitability
  2. Over $6 Billion In Sales Generated For Customers
  3. $1.6+ Billion Ad Spend Optimization

Features Designed To Help Your Business Maximize Profits

  • TACOS & BSR-Relevant Pricing
  • Inventory-Based Pricing
  • Target Velocity-Based Pricing
  • Price Rounding / Psychological Pricing
  • Overstock Liquidation
  • Demand-Based Pricing
  • Competitor-Based Pricing
  • Price Synchronization With Walmart & Shopify
  • Hijacker Prevention
  • Avoid Buy Box Suppression

Leverage AI & Automation To Maximize
Your Amazon Profitability

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Increasing profits on Amazon often seems impossible. Staying ahead of your competition, making more sales & dealing with the nuances of Amazon is too complicated. The whole process can leave you feeling frustrated & confused. But no business should have to feel that way. Our pricing software & expertise will help guide your business to success on Amazon.

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