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Amazon Prime Day 2024: The Full-Funnel Game Plan

Amazon Prime Day 2024: The Full-Funnel Game Plan


Amazon Prime Day is a major event for shoppers and sellers alike. With last year’s record-breaking sales, brands need a robust strategy to stand out.

This blog will delve into a full-funnel advertising approach, ensuring you capture potential customers at every stage of their journey.

Here's A Vibrant Graphic Showcasing The Concept Of A Full Funnel Strategy With Layers Representing Awareness Consideration And Conversion Stages

Amazon Prime Day is the second most significant shopping event after Q4. With consumers eagerly awaiting deals, your brand must adopt a comprehensive strategy to capture attention and drive sales.

Let’s dive into how a full-funnel advertising approach can elevate your Amazon Prime Day 2024 success.

Why a Full-Funnel Strategy?

1. Don’t Rely Solely on Other Channels

Historically, brands viewed retail media as a bottom-funnel tactic, focusing on conversions.

However, Amazon Ads offer upper-funnel opportunities to increase brand awareness and foster early-stage consideration right on Amazon.com.

Here's An Infographic Comparing Traditional Bottom Funnel Tactics Vs. Full Funnel Strategies Highlighting The Benefits Of A Broader Approach

2. Consumers Aren’t Always Sure What They Want

Many Amazon shoppers browse without specific items in mind. Statistics show:

  • 75% discover new products and brands on Amazon.
  • Nearly 60% browse weekly without a specific product in mind.
  • 10% frequently explore without intending to make immediate purchases.

Meeting consumers early in their journey keeps your brand top-of-mind as they weigh their options.

3. Competitors Are Ready to Swoop In

Competitors can capitalize on your marketing efforts by placing strategic ads to divert your sales. Engaging with Amazon Ads throughout the customer journey is essential to counter this.

Here's A Visual Representation Of Competitors Swooping In With A Flowchart Showing How Strategic Ad Placements Can Divert Sales

4. You Could Be the Competitor Waiting to Swoop In

Use Amazon Ads strategically to capture sales from competitors by placing ads at critical points in the customer journey. Amazon’s targeting capabilities allow you to challenge rival products directly.

5. The Customer Journey is Non-Linear

Consumers navigate a winding road of discovery, reviews, social media, and more before purchasing. A full-funnel strategy ensures your product remains visible throughout their journey.

Tips for a Full-Funnel Prime Day Strategy

1. Own Your Aisle

Invest in diverse ad types to stand out within your category. For instance, an outdoor brand promoting tents can use a mix of ad formats to reach consumers searching for related terms.

Run ads on your product pages to prevent competitors from taking that space.

Image Insert: A mockup of an Amazon product page with strategic ad placements to “own your aisle.”

Here's A Mockup Of An Amazon Product Page With Strategic Ad Placements To Own Your Aisle.

2. Focus on Brand Building

Engage consumers in the awareness and consideration stages. Use broad categories, sponsored products, video, and display ads to tap into relevant audiences.

3. Leverage Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP allows for comprehensive audience engagement. Use detailed criteria like lifestyle and streaming preferences to engage potential customers from awareness to conversion.

4. Invest in Product Listings

Ensure your product detail pages are impeccable. High-quality images, glowing reviews, and excellent ratings are crucial for converting clicks from your ads.

How Eva Can Help

Eva Commerce is a leading eCommerce technology company dedicated to helping brands achieve profitable growth on Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces.

Our unique AI platform, combined with expert support, enables brands to optimize their advertising strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Eva’s AI platform is the only context-aware advertising solution that integrates inventory levels, conversion rates, and profitability metrics across all marketplaces.

Our experts analyze this data to determine the best actions for your advertising campaigns, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.

As an Amazon Advanced Partner and Walmart Strategic Solution Partner, Eva collaborates with industry giants like TikTok, eBay, Shopify, Google, Meta, Wayfair, Faire, and more.

By focusing on profitability, Eva ensures sustainable growth and helps brands invest in the most effective multimedia mix for their marketing efforts.


What is a full-funnel advertising strategy?

A full-funnel advertising strategy targets customers at every stage of their journey, from awareness to conversion.

Why is Amazon Prime Day important for brands?

Amazon Prime Day is a major sales event, offering a significant opportunity for brands to boost sales and visibility.

How can Amazon Ads enhance my Prime Day strategy?

Amazon Ads can help increase brand awareness, drive consideration, and boost conversions by engaging customers throughout their journey.

What ad formats should I use for Prime Day?

Use a mix of sponsored products, display ads, and video ads to reach customers at different stages of their journey.

How can I ensure my product listings are optimized for Prime Day?

Ensure your product detail pages are free from errors, feature high-quality images, glowing reviews, and excellent ratings.

How does Eva’s AI platform help with advertising?

Eva’s AI platform integrates various data points to optimize advertising strategies, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.

Can I use Eva’s platform for marketplaces other than Amazon?

Yes, Eva’s platform is designed to work across multiple marketplaces, including Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and more.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon.

Why is a full-funnel approach better than a bottom-funnel strategy?

A full-funnel approach ensures your brand engages with customers at every stage, increasing the chances of conversion and brand loyalty.

How do I get started with Eva Commerce?

You can book a free consultation with Eva Commerce to explore how their AI platform can optimize your advertising strategy.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a full-funnel strategy for Amazon Prime Day 2024 can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and drive more conversions.

By leveraging diverse ad formats and ensuring your product listings are top-notch, you’ll be well on your way to a successful Prime Day. And remember, Eva Commerce is here to help you every step of the way.


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