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How to Manage Your Amazon FBA Business Better and Soar Your Growth

How to Manage Your Amazon FBA Business Better and Soar Your Growth

  • 2021 Nov 12
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Now more than ever, sellers are looking to automated Amazon FBA Business Management tools to help them gain more control, and better results as eCommerce continue to experience rapid-fire changes post-global pandemic.

Without a doubt, 2021 has brought many challenges to Amazon FBA sellers across the globe. If anything, sellers either learned to sink or swim amongst the rapid-fire changes of an ever-pressing global pandemic.

Like everything in the Amazon ecosystem, change is a constant variable seller will need to adjust to now and in the future.

If you’re wondering how you, as an Amazon seller, can better manage the inner workings of your FBA businesses to breakthrough challenges you may have experienced in 2021 and skyrocket your growth, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll unlock how a combination approach to FBA business management can help you soar in your growth.

Why is Proper Amazon FBA Business Management Important to Growth on Amazon?

Think of your Amazon FBA business as one giant puzzle.

That’s right, one giant puzzle at which you are staring blankly, trying to organize each piece strategically and effectively. 

You know the importance of each piece to your puzzle. That’s why when one piece goes missing, you know that those big blank empty spaces become the barrier between you and finding success. 

The puzzle analogy, my friend, is much like your Amazon FBA business. With one missing piece to your puzzle, the final result has holes scattered throughout, and your success becomes limited.

Automated Amazon FBA business management helps you manage each piece of your Amazon puzzle and can help you find success in the world’s largest online marketplace.

Here are three critical areas of automated Amazon FBA business management that can help you grow your FBA business that we will focus on in this article. 

The best-automated business management solutions offer a combination of efforts targeting these areas along with profits and losses, replenishments, Amazon store management, and warehousing. When all of these efforts are combined, the results can be pretty staggering.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Amazon FBA Business Management?

Let’s look at each category a little more closely so you can see just how valuable each area of automated FBA business management can be to your FBA Business.

Brand Pricing Management

You don’t often hear Amazon private label sellers talking about automated pricing. We’re here to tell you that automated pricing is a hidden gem to help you effectively manage your FBA business.

It’s true; selling on Amazon is fast pace and change is rampant. When you discover just how much automated pricing can help you dominate your market share, you start to see it as a valuable component of your overall Amazon FBA business operations. 

Pricing management solutions are powered with AI technology to ensure your Amazon business operates at the best price points possible. 

This type of robust pricing technology means minimal to no manual pricing, up-to-date financials, automatic fee calculations, and the best ROI and margin targets specific to your FBA business.

In today’s climate, it’s not really enough to have the best pricing, though. You need to be able to ward off competitors and those pesky hijackers that make attempts to gain control of your buy box. 

Robust pricing management helps protect your brand value while reducing the appeal to hijackers who may have thought you were a honey pot of opportunity. If you’re at the stage of an exit, you know how important brand value is to your multiple.

Another way automated business management solutions can help you with brand pricing management is by addressing stockouts through automated inventory pricing. 

Automated inventory pricing offers a larger window of opportunity for increasing your performance index, with the ability to gradually raise your pricing to slow sales if your inventory levels are running low. 

Automated pricing management for private label sellers is underutilized. It’s another area of automated business management that can help you manage your FBA business better to elevate and dominate your position in the market.

Amazon FBA Reimbursements

If you aren’t managing your money, you aren’t managing your FBA business. This statement is an unfortunate reality for many sellers. 

Luckily, Amazon FBA reimbursements can help you manage your finances to operate a healthy FBA business.

One of the most time-consuming and painstaking elements of balancing your FBA books can be filing and managing Amazon FBA Reimbursements.

FBA reimbursements are monies Amazon owes you for various instances held against your seller account. These discrepancies range in type, but the primary identifiers are lost, damaged, destroyed, disposed, and overcharges in FBA fees.

The problem persists as sellers are task saturated and often unable to keep up with the barrage of daily tasks necessary to help them effectively manage their FBA reimbursements and recover their own funds.

Professional Amazon FBA reimbursement solutions can help you perform daily checks of your Amazon storefront to ensure you aren’t missing any FBA reimbursements for recovery.

But that’s not the best part.

Most FBA reimbursement solutions only offer FBA reimbursements as the focal point of helping you run your Amazon business. But the reality, as we stated at the beginning of this article, is that healthy FBA business operations require a combination of efforts, not just one singular focus.

That’s why premium FBA business management solutions like Eva are so powerful. 

Eva can submit claims for FBA reimbursement on your behalf, monitor the recovery of your funds, help you analyze each discrepancy, and help you maximize your recovery going back the full 18 months. 

Eva handles the painstaking process of FBA reimbursements while automating many other vital areas of your FBA business management. The result is a cohesive strategy united for long-term success instead of short-term quick fixes.

By pouring your recovered funds into automated business management tools like Eva, you can seamlessly build an FBA business that is attractive to sell in the long run.

Amazon PPC Management

All Amazon sellers have one thing in common, aside from selling on the most revolutionary online platform. Sellers have, at one time or another, faced utter frustration with Amazon pay-per-click advertising.

Yes, pay-per-click advertising can be the very bane of your Amazon FBA existence. Worse off, if you lack PPC insight and education, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars as you attempt to learn one of the most daunting areas of Amazon FBA.

PPC management is crucial to proper FBA business management; the two go hand in hand. A high-level automated solution is what you may need to let go of the anxiety and overspending from self-managing your pay-per-click ads on Amazon.

While some PPC solutions offer a singular approach to advertising, you’ll want to look out for tools that do more than just optimize PPC in case-by-case campaigns.

Examples of robust business management that efficiently tackle your amazon PPC management are those automated business management tools that refine targets of your PPC ad campaigns to help you increase sales and minimize fearful expenses.

Robust business PPC management tools should help you also create an audience-based target for your Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) and grow your reach to new shoppers across other Amazon-owned sites. 

The more robust tools in the Amazon ecosystem understand that good automated business management entails multiple aspects of automating your PPC instead of band-aid solutions that end up costing you more money. 

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If you want to compete on Amazon, there is no better way than to look at your FBA business management operations and dissect your performance across the board. 

With the right tools offering the most bang for your Amazon FBA business management buck, you too can be on the other side of selling fear and well on your way to successfully scaling your Amazon business.

Eva offers powerful business management solutions catering to the new timid seller, the aggressive intermediate player, and the seasoned vet looking for an exit.

Our Automated Amazon FBA business management tackles a combination approach to effectively managing your business for the best results over the long term.

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Robert Runyon is the Director of Growth at Eva, a global tech company & Amazon services provider for growing 7/8-figure eCommerce brands. Robert has a background in B2B marketing, Amazon & 3rd party logistics, and runs the day-to-day marketing operations at Eva. He manages the marketing campaigns, publishes weekly podcast episodes & attends trade shows across the world taking pictures with thousands of people.

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