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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Optimize Non-Amazon Channels Effectively with Amazon Attribution

Amazon Prime Day 2024: Optimize Non-Amazon Channels Effectively with Amazon Attribution


Amazon Prime Day 2024 is just around the corner, set for July 16th and 17th. As retail media marketers, it’s crucial to leverage every possible channel to maximize sales during this peak period.

While Amazon Ads offer robust performance analytics, the real game-changer is Amazon Attribution.

This self-service advertising measurement solution provides visibility into the impact of your non-Amazon media channels on your Amazon sales.

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Understanding Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their non-Amazon advertising campaigns.

Imagine harnessing this tool to pinpoint which channels drive the most engagement and conversions during Prime Day.

By analyzing these insights, you can strategically allocate your marketing budget to the most effective channels, maximizing your sales and ROI.

The Non-Linear Path to Purchase

The path-to-purchase is often non-linear, resembling a complex journey rather than a straightforward process.

Consumers might discover your brand on social media, sign up for an email list, visit your Amazon product page, read reviews, and eventually make a purchase after being remarketed through email campaigns.

How Eva Can Help

Eva Commerce is a leading eCommerce technology company dedicated to helping brands achieve profitable growth on Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces.

Our unique AI platform, combined with expert support, enables brands to optimize their advertising strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Eva’s AI platform is the only context-aware advertising solution that integrates inventory levels, conversion rates, and profitability metrics across all marketplaces, not just Amazon.

Our experts analyze this data to determine the best actions for your advertising campaigns, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.

As an Amazon Advanced Partner and Walmart Strategic Solution Partner, Eva also collaborates with industry giants like TikTok, eBay, Shopify, Google, Meta, Wayfair, Faire, and more.

By focusing on profitability, Eva ensures sustainable growth and helps brands invest in the most effective multimedia mix for their marketing efforts.

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Steps to Set Up Amazon Attribution

To leverage Amazon Attribution, follow these steps:

  1. Register: Go to the Amazon Attribution page on the Amazon Advertising website and click “Get Started”.
  2. Provide Information: Complete the necessary fields, including advertiser name, brand name, and email address.
  3. Email Invitation: You’ll receive an email invitation from DSP Support within two weeks. Accept the invite to access the Amazon Attribution console.
  4. Invite Partners: Use the “User management” section to invite agency partners, channel specialists, and others.

Case Study: Empowering 2023 Prime Day Success with Amazon Attribution

In 2023, the creative media agency Empower utilized Amazon Attribution to maximize sales for its client, VTech, during Prime Day.

By integrating Amazon Attribution, Empower was able to measure the impact of search media on Amazon sales, leading to an 85% increase in ROAS and a 64% increase in purchase rate.

Best Practices for Amazon Attribution

Here are some tips for making the most of Amazon Attribution:

  • Set Goals: Define whether you aim to drive awareness, boost page views, or increase conversions.
  • Test Campaigns: Reflect on your goals and look for trends that connect buyers across channels.
  • Optimize in Real-Time: Use insights to adjust your strategies dynamically.

Get Started with Amazon Attribution

Understanding which channels drive the most traffic on Prime Day can significantly boost your sales. Amazon Attribution is free and easy to use.

Follow the steps outlined above to get started and make the most of your insights.

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What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a measurement tool that provides insights into the performance of your non-Amazon advertising campaigns in driving sales on Amazon.

How can Amazon Attribution benefit my Prime Day strategy?

By analyzing which channels drive the most engagement and conversions, you can allocate your marketing budget more effectively, maximizing sales and ROI.

Is Amazon Attribution free to use?

Yes, Amazon Attribution is available at no charge to advertisers.

Who can use Amazon Attribution?

Vendors selling products on Amazon in the US or UK can set up an Amazon Attribution account.

What metrics does Amazon Attribution provide?

It offers metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and sales.

How do I register for Amazon Attribution?

Visit the Amazon Attribution page on the Amazon Advertising website and follow the registration steps.

Can I invite partners to use Amazon Attribution?

Yes, you can invite agency partners, channel specialists, and others via the “User management” section.

What is a tracking template?

A tracking template is a URL that measures non-Amazon search ad clicks and is implemented within the Search campaign manager.

How does Amazon Attribution measure performance?

It uses a 14-day, last-touch attribution model where the last clicks get credit over recent views.

What are the best practices for using Amazon Attribution?

Set clear goals, test campaigns, and optimize in real-time based on insights.

By leveraging Amazon Attribution, you can optimize your non-Amazon channels effectively and ensure a successful Prime Day 2024.

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