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Brands and Aggregators | Episode 6 | Patric O’Connell from Branded

Brands and Aggregators | Episode 6 | Patric O’Connell from Branded
  • 2022 Mar 24
  • Mike Lahi
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Eva Commerce
Eva Commerce
Brands and Aggregators | Episode 6 | Patric O'Connell from Branded

Here is the 6th episode of the podcast series from the CEO of Eva, Hai Mag, and the CEO of Margin Business, Omar Angri. In this episode, we discuss how 2021 was for aggregators and what awaits aggregators and brands next year.

And today’s guest is Patric O’Connell from Branded. Patric shares his ideas with his vast experience. What awaits businesses and aggregators in the next year?

Where is the industry headed? How will the future be shaped? Where will this rapid money flow end? Follow our series for more answers to all these questions!

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