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6 Proven Strategies To Improve Amazon PPC Click-Through Rates

6 Proven Strategies To Improve Amazon PPC Click-Through Rates


Amazon PPC advertising can be a great way to boost your sales. But if you’re not getting the most out of your campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. This blog post will share six proven ways for your Amazon PPC strategy to improve your click-through rate (CTR) and boost your sales.

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What is Amazon Click-Through Rate?

That Amazon PPC (pay per click) metric is a part of the Advertising section as ‘’Campaign Manager’’. In Campaign Manager, each campaign and keyword gets its own CTR. That will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of each of these campaigns and keywords, allowing you to see which ones are working and which aren’t.

CTR is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks received by the total number of impressions received (clicks ÷ impressions = CTR). Your campaigns and keywords have their own CTR, which you can view in Amazon campaign management. CTR optimization techniques differ depending on the type of promotion.

The CTR is a metric that determines how effective your ad is in bringing new visitors to your website. When your ad is displayed on someone’s screen, or in other words, when your ad is viewed, you’ve made an impact. This is referred to as a click when someone chooses to click on the ad.

Note: The average CTR on Amazon is around 0.4%. That includes all ad placements, most of which are on product pages. Anything around 0.5% and above can be a good CTR. With a CTR of less than 0.3%, your Amazon PPC strategy should dedicate more attention to it. 

amazon conversion rate

1. Long-tail Keywords, the best Amazon PPC Strategy for More Conversions

Long-tail keywords are a group of more specific keywords to the products your buyers are using. Customers usually use these key phrases if they are close to the point of buying a product of their choice. Furthermore, long-tail keywords are more beneficial if customers use voice search to discover their product.

To develop a well-thought Amazon PPC strategy, take some time to focus on your long-tail keywords. It helps to propel your brand to the top. As customers get closer to choosing their desired product, long-tail keywords increase your conversion rate. This, in turn, boosts your product rankings on Amazon. Long-tail keywords are excellent for a new Amazon seller because they have:

click through rate Low CPC

ctr rate Less competition

amazon ppc strategy High buying intent

Using long-tail keywords is a great Amazon PPC strategy for your business to rank higher for the keywords that bring the most customers.

Let’s look at why you need to include long-tail keywords in your Amazon PPC strategy.

Less Competition: They have less competition because long-tail keywords are relevant to fewer sellers. Therefore, it is easier to organize and rank higher in search results.

More conversions: Customers searching for longer-tail keywords are more willing to make a purchase and are considered more qualified leads. Hence, long-tail keywords boost your conversions and improve your organic search rankings.

amazon ppc ctr

2. Manual Campaigns instead of Automatic Sponsored Products

That will allow you to take advantage of Amazon’s best-performing keywords while weeding out the ones with poor CTR. First, use Automatic Sponsored Products campaigns in your Amazon PPC strategy to locate the correct keywords. Then create more effective manual campaigns by targeting your adverts to relevant client search phrases. Allow two to four weeks for this automated PPC campaign to run before reviewing it, then look for the search phrases with the greatest click-through rate to employ in a manual Sponsored Products campaign.

In Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns, include relevant keywords with low click-through rates in a phrase or exact match to bring more qualified visitors to your advertising. Broad match offers the broadest reach of any match type. The customer search term might contain your keyword or synonyms in any order. A wise Amazon PPC strategy is suspending wide match keywords with low click-through rates in favor of phrase and precise matches for the most relevant keywords to your products.


3. Use Negative Keywords for the Efficiency of Your Amazon PPC Strategy

By including Amazon negative keywords in your automated Sponsored Products campaigns, you may exclude irrelevant traffic and concentrate on highly focused traffic, increasing your click-through rate.

An efficient Amazon PPC strategy is to look for keywords with poor click-through rates and many impressions to include as negative keywords.

If these keywords failed to produce any sales, add them to your Sponsored Products campaign as exact negative matches to ensure your ad is not displayed when a buyer searches for these terms. Then, every one to three months, reevaluate your negative match types to keep up with changes in search patterns.


4. Run an A/B Test For Headlines And Images.

While assessing your Amazon PPC strategy, it might be too hard to come up with an ad creative, tone of voice, or headline while optimizing the display ads. You can try more engaging headlines and images for Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads to engage customers better. Use calls to action, top-performing keywords, and attractive wording to entice customers to click. Choose two headlines for the A/B test, one with a descriptive title describing the product and one with a call to action.

Run both for two weeks to determine which one has the highest click-through rate. Then, try out a few different photos to see which ones get the most hits when it comes to photos. For example, a clear product photograph on a white backdrop may outshine a brand logo.

5. User-Friendly Product Detail Pages

The product detail page is like the storefront of your Amazon business. Enhancing your product should be a part of your Amazon PPC strategy to boost your chances of getting better ad placements and more clicks. Always utilize high-quality product photographs that clearly demonstrate how to use the item. Include a product title exclusive to the product, short bullet points, and a description highlighting any intriguing or appealing product benefits or features.

6. Positive Reviews are the best Amazon PPC Strategy

amazon click through rate

Research shows that 84% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 91% of shoppers read online reviews occasionally or regularly. Why? Consumers are more inclined to buy because they create trust and add transparency to the shopping experience. That’s why positive reviews are one of the most influential factors to include in your Amazon PPC strategy for sustainable growth.

Buyers reading reviews are often unfamiliar with a brand and a particular product to get the confidence to purchase. These buyers need social proof to believe they are getting what they are paying for. That’s especially true for high-end goods (luxury or tech products), functional goods (appliances, electronics, appliances, i.e.), and clothing items.

While reviews are critical to customers, they are also essential to your Amazon business. Reviews directly affect your brand reputation (for better or worse), increasing or decreasing sales. They can also be the last nudge that either converts a customer or assures them they won’t give your brand a second thought. The number of positive reviews affects your Amazon SEO, as online reviews are included in Amazon search results.

More Amazon Advertisement Strategies:


The higher the amount of ad traffic and clicks you get, the more likely you will make a sale on Amazon. Therefore, it is essential to increase the click-through rate for Amazon businesses. By adjusting your click-through rate within a campaign, you can make your ad more relevant to each shopper’s search query. That can increase conversion and let you monitor the direct impact of advertisements on your whole business.

If you want to improve your CTR and lower your Amazon advertising costs, try out some of the tips we’ve shared in this article. And if you need help getting started or would like a more detailed audit of your current Amazon PPC strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eva for assistance. 


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