Amazon Reimbursement Service: Get Your Money Back Fast

Amazon Reimbursement Service: Get Your Money Back Fast


As an FBA seller, you probably had to deal with lost and damaged items during the FBA fulfillment, and you have heard about the Amazon reimbursement process. Although the process is a bit complicated and time-consuming, it can recover up to %3 of your revenue this way with no capital required!

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to handle Amazon Reimbursement, keep reading this blog post!

What is Amazon Reimbursement, and how does it work?

Amazon Reimbursement Service is a feature that helps sellers get back the money they’ve lost on incorrect FBA fees and lost or damaged Amazon orders. Amazon will reimburse you for the cost of the item, plus shipping and handling charges. 

To use Amazon Reimbursement Service, you first need to detect a refund case by fully investigating the whole fulfillment process and double-checking all the FBA fees with your product’s attributes. After detecting a potential FBA reimbursement case, you need to file a claim by Amazon with full details of the reimbursement case. Amazon will then investigate your claim and make a decision based on the information you provide. If Amazon approves your claim, you will get a %100 refund.

Amazon Reimbursement Service is a great way to compensate for lost or damaged items. But it’s essential to note that it is not insurance. So if you’re worried about your Amazon orders being lost or damaged, you may want to consider purchasing shipping insurance from a third-party provider.

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How to get your money back with an Amazon Reimbursement Service

Amazon is the largest retailer in history, and its fulfillment centers are handling an increasing amount of inventory every day. Given the sheer volume of products moving through FBA warehouses, it’s not surprising that some items are occasionally lost or damaged. If this happens to your business, you will be eligible for reimbursement from Amazon. 

As already mentioned, it’s the seller’s responsibility to detect discrepancies in the fulfillment process. But rarely any seller has that amount of time and effort to double-check everything unless the numbers are very obviously incorrect. That’s why many sellers usually ignore the whole reimbursement process, which makes up to %3 of their revenue on average!

You can let an Amazon reimbursement service, like Eva, be in charge of your FBA refund process to solve this problem. This service gets your money back for any lost or damaged products and incorrectly-calculated fees during the fulfillment process. 

At Eva, we use the power of genuine Artificial Intelligence to detect potential reimbursement cases. Then, an in-house team of Amazon experts takes the wheel, submits all the claims, and keeps following up on each one until Amazon approves. You won’t pay anything for the unapproved cases — just % a 13 commission for the approved ones, which is the lowest number in the market!

5 Common Issues to Ask for FBA Reimbursement

The types of Amazon Reimbursement break down into 5 main categories: 

1- If you detected errors in FBA fees

2- If Amazon loses inventory

3- If they destroy your product during the fulfillment

4- If there are issues with order quantity

5- If the inventory is damaged and not reimbursed to the seller

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Tips To Get Approval for Your FBA Reimbursement Cases

There are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a successful FBA reimbursement:

  1. Before initiating a reimbursement request, be sure to have all of the necessary documentation, such as a receipt or order number. Amazon may also require photos or other documentation to process your request.
  2. It’s essential to submit your reimbursement request as soon as possible after the issue arises; Amazon typically has a time limit for submitting claims.
  3. Be sure to follow up with Amazon if you don’t receive a response within a reasonable amount of time.

With these quick tips, you can increase your chances of getting your money back through Amazon Reimbursement.


Wrong FBA fees and lost or damaged orders can quickly eat up your revenue. That’s where Amazon Reimbursement Service comes in. This service from Eva gets back the money Amazon owes you without spending any time or effort from you. And the best part? It’s free to try! So why not start your free trial today? You may be surprised at how much money this service can save you!

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