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Save Time, Standardize Growth

We know that managing an Amazon Business is a complex task, so we are here to lighten your workload. Either you want to disengage yourself from Amazon advertising or your overall store management, Eva offers you the most comprehensive management services at affordable prices.

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Managed Services

Our Amazon Store Management Services

Eva helps you increase your Amazon revenues & reduce operational costs.

Amazon store management


Rise above the competition with constantly improved campaigns and holistic advertising management. First, we set a growth trajectory of up to 3x revenue then we optimize ACOS.

  • Manage Amazon Promotions
  • Manage PPC/DSP Campaigns
  • Create Product, Brand, Video Ads
  • Get Actionable Insights on Eva Platform
  • Optimize Top-Converting and Negative Keywords

Amazon store management


To generate more organic sales, our Amazon store management team upgrades your product listing to increase visibility, rank high on Amazonโ€™s search engine, and increase the conversion rate.

  • Get Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Manage Customer Reviews during Product Launch
  • Optimize Product Listings with High-Value Keywords
  • Craft Compelling Copy to Increase your Conversions
  • Verify your Images and Create A+ Content for your Brand

Amazon store management


Eva’s Amazon store management can significantly free up your time so you can focus on brand value, product design, supplier search, or anything else you love.

  • Manage Brand Registrations
  • Manage Amazon Reimbursements
  • Setup and Maintain your Store Health
  • Enable Dynamic Pricing to Maximize your Sales and Profits
  • Optimize Replenishment at SKU and Store level
  • Provide Prompt First Line Support to your Customers

Our clients see results compared to other solutions









Get your sales moving up and operational costs down with a single action! The setup process takes only 15 minutes.

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Amazon PPC management

Easy Setup & Use

Eva is extremely easy to setup and use. Manage your Amazon business peacefully while Eva is working in the background for you.

Amazon PPC management

24/7 Live Support

Eva provides 24/7 live support for her customers. You can chat with an Amazon Expert any time you want. If you are looking for answers, just contact us!

Amazon PPC management

Affordable Price

Get the premium features affordably. Eva offers you the best-fit services according to your needs at reasonable prices.

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