Focus on scaling your brand; we’ll take care of the rest.

Focus on scaling your brand; we’ll take care of the rest.

Save time with our end-to-end Amazon Store Management, fueled by the data and technology from Eva’s all-inclusive platform.
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Why Do You Need Eva’s Amazon Store Management?

Why Do You Need Eva’s Amazon Store Management?

Our Store Management starts with Eva’s complete platform for Amazon sellers. We use our exclusive AI technology, and the data originated from that platform to provide you with one service that covers everything about your Amazon store in an ideal way. Eva is an Amazon Partner founded and run by successful Amazon sellers. Since you’re outsourcing the store management to a team with specific training and expertise on Amazon, your store’s profitability is top of mind and your data security is guaranteed for your peace of mind.

You won’t get just one account manager with Eva, but a dedicated team who will focus on your brand’s success. From inventory management and AI-powered pricing to customer feedback, we take the utmost care in every aspect of your Amazon business so you can invest your valuable time in growing your business and new product launches.

Amazon SEO Optimization

Grow and scale your Amazon business fast & efficiently with Eva’s Amazon SEO Optimization, which drives maximum organic traffic toward your listings. Our Amazon experts take the responsibility of perfectly optimizing the product details page based on high-volume and related keywords to rank high on the Amazon search list and outpace your competitors.

A+ Content Creation

Eva provides Amazon A+ Content to increase your organic and paid conversion rate while reducing TACoS. Our experts on the Store Management team develop Amazon A+ Content to represent your brand’s unique value proposition, including high-quality product descriptions and images.

Amazon Post Management

We create Amazon posts that showcase your brand and products creatively to build your brand community and increase the product reach. Eva manages your Amazon post captions, customizing them to match your brand voice and highlight the features that make you stand out among your competitors.

Amazon Catalog Management

We provide comprehensive Amazon catalog management services, including creating and optimizing product catalogs that are SEO-friendly, eye-catching, and informative, based on the information you provide. With our help, your brand will be able to maintain a consistent and up-to-date product catalog that drives your sales, improves your brand’s visibility, and provides your customers with a great shopping experience.

Amazon PPC Management

As we’re scaling your brand, our Store Management team also takes the responsibility of your Amazon PPC management to run high-converting sponsored products management, sponsored brands management, product display ads, and video ads with minimized TACoS.

Customer Feedback Management

From offering quick responses to customer concerns to improving the overall customer experience, it’s crucial to regularly manage your customer relations on Amazon. Eva’s Customer Feedback Management helps you maintain a flawless customer-first reputation by following up to get positive feedback and trying to remove the negative ones. That helps your business attract future potential customers, encourage organic visibility, and ultimately drive new sales.

Inventory Management

Eva’s All-in-one package means using Eva’s platform for free! So your brand is enabled to use our AI-powered Amazon Inventory Management designed to protect your business against stockouts, minimize Amazon storage fees and develop the most profitable replenishment plan based on profits, sales velocity, and market demand. This feature is also integrated with our Amazon Advertising, Dynamic Pricing, and 3PL Logistics warehousing and services.

Account Health Management

Make your brand stand out in the Amazon marketplace by enhancing the brand visibility and reputation. Eva’s Store Management expert keeps a close eye on your store to ensure it meets all the Amazon standards and protocols to remain healthy and profitable. Our Amazon Account Health Management maintains your seller’s account health by monitoring the defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate, on-time delivery, return dissatisfaction, etc.

Detailed Reporting and Task Monitoring

You’ll stay tuned with weekly updates on your business growth with definitive KPIs illustrated over detailed and transparent charts. We provide you with reports that show spending, return, ROAS, ACoS, and complete PPC data. This report also includes items per sale, reviews, sales over time, customer satisfaction, and Amazon listing optimization. In addition, you can constantly monitor our task management platform to see what tasks are in progress to reach your business growth.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

With our Vendor Central Management Program, we develop an Amazon business strategy to grow your brand on Amazon. As a part of our Store Management, this feature delivers strategic insight and actionable steps to improve your sales and drive profits.

We’ll manage and give you advice on both your catalog and your relationship with Amazon. A dedicated team of experts will monitor changes and updates your entire catalog in real-time and notify you when issues arise.

Competitor analysis

Our real-time Amazon competitive analysis gives actionable insight into the customers’ preferences. We’ll track competitor keyword ranking, competitor listings, BSR, and pricing to understand the market better. Your competitors’ strategies for Amazon SEO and sponsored ads will also be precisely monitored. In addition, our dedicated experts produce data-driven reports and suggestions to develop a better strategy to dominate the Amazon marketplace, scale your brand and generate more profits.

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Unlimited Revenue and Unlimited Listings
  • 24/7 Live Support

  • Reimbursement Fee: 10% of successfully recovered amount
  • AI-Powered PPC and DSP Advertising
  • Off-Amazon Marketing
  • Weekly Governance Meetings
  • Inventory, Velocity, Profitability taken into account
  • Focus on growth, profitability and ACOS optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
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All In One
Unlimited Revenue and Unlimited Listings
  • 24/7 Live Support

  • Reimbursement Fee: 10% of successfully recovered amount
  • AI-Powered PPC and DSP Advertising
  • Listing / SEO Optimization
  • FREE Eva Platform
  • Managed Replenishment Forecasting
  • Product Catalog / SKU / Amazon Health Management
  • Feedback Management
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