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Amazon Search Terms Report: A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon Search Terms Report: A Comprehensive Guide



Navigating the world of Amazon selling can be a hard task, especially when it comes to understanding its tools & metrics. One tool that remains invaluable for sellers is the Amazon Search Terms Report. So, let’s dive into this guide, uncover its potential, and learn how to employ it strategically to enhance your sales & conversions.

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The Heartbeat of Consumer Demand

Understanding historical search volume is essential because it provides insights into the products customers have searched for over a set period and by tapping into this data, sellers can make informed decisions on inventory, pricing, & marketing.

Historical Trends & Seasonality: Historical search volume can help predict future demands. For instance, if a product shows a spike every December, it’s a good bet that it’s a popular holiday gift.

Spotting Emergent Trends: Monitoring shifts in search volume can help sellers spot new market trends, ensuring they are always a step ahead.

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ASIN Groups: Keyword Strategy for Search Terms

Crafting a keyword strategy is a must. Here’s how the Amazon Search Terms Report can assist you furthermore:

Identifying High-Performing Keywords: By examining which keywords are leading to conversions, you can prioritize them in your listings & advertising campaigns .

Grouping Similar ASINs: Using the report, group ASINs with similar search terms so that you can tailor content & promotions more effectively.

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Power of Search Terms

The Amazon Search Terms Report isn’t just about understanding your performance. It’s about understanding your competitors’ too.

Benchmarking: Compare your keyword performance against competitors. If they’re outperforming you on certain terms, it’s time to improve your strategy.

Finding Gaps: Identify keywords your competitors might be missing out on, & capitalize on these opportunities.

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Winning Strategy with Amazon Search Terms Report

Optimization: Regularly review your report. Refresh your listings with high-performing keywords & remove underperforming ones.

PPC Campaigns: Use the report to fuel your Amazon PPC campaigns. By bidding on keywords that already show promise, you increase the chances of conversion.

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Your Amazon Presence with Eva

Eva’s All-In-One AI platform altogether complements the Amazon Search Terms Report. By harnessing the power of Eva, brands can further:

Maximize Traffic & Conversions: With insights from both the report & Eva’s expertise, strategies will reach to success.

Ensure Product Availability: Never miss out on a sale; using data-driven insights, ensure your products are always available when customers want them.

Boost Profits: With enhanced traffic & conversion, coupled with the optimal product availability, profits soar.

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Eva’s All-In-One Services


The Amazon Search Terms Report is an key tool for any seller on Amazon. In order to stay ahead of the curve and ensure they are always ready to meet customer demand, brands need to learn Amazon’s features & capabilities, and with a partner like Eva, the path to Amazon success becomes clearer & more achievable.


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