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3 TOP Amazon PPC Ad Strategies – Amazon Advertising Hacks

3 TOP Amazon PPC Ad Strategies – Amazon Advertising Hacks


Navigating the world of Amazon PPC can feel like a maze, but with the right strategies, you can transform your ad campaigns from mediocre to magnificent.

In this post, we’ll delve into three top Amazon PPC ad strategies that are not only effective but also easy to implement.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, these tips will help you reduce wasted ad spend, scale profitable search terms, and optimize your campaign structure.

And stick around till the end for a game-changing tip that many aren’t using yet

Here are the Top 3 Amazon PPC Ad Strategies:

1. Reduce Underperforming Keywords

One of the quickest ways to improve your Amazon PPC campaigns is by cutting down on wasted ad spend. This means identifying and eliminating underperforming keywords. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download the Search Term Report: Go to your Campaign Manager and download the search term report for the last 30 days.
  2. Filter the Data: Highlight everything, then sort and filter by two main criteria:
    • Spend with No Sales: Keywords that have cost you money but haven’t resulted in any sales.
    • High ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales): Keywords with an ACoS that is too high to be profitable.
  3. Set Thresholds: For instance, if your product price is $30, you might set a threshold of $15. Keywords that have spent more than this without generating sales should be marked.
  4. Add as Negatives: Either manually add these keywords as negatives in Campaign Manager or use a macro tool for bulk uploads.
Here's A Screenshot Of The Amazon Campaign Manager With Highlighted Keywords Filtered By Spend With No Sales.

The goal here is simple: stop wasting money on keywords that don’t convert.

By removing these underperformers, you can allocate your budget more effectively, leading to better overall campaign performance.

2. Scale Things That Are Already Working

Once you’ve trimmed the fat, it’s time to focus on what’s working. This means identifying profitable search terms and scaling them:

  1. Identify Profitable Search Terms: Using the same search term report, filter for keywords with a low ACoS, say between 1-20%.
  2. Launch New Campaigns: Create new campaigns targeting these profitable search terms in different match types (Broad, Phrase, Exact).
  3. Manual vs. Macro: You can manually check if these terms are already in use or utilize a deduplication macro tool to streamline the process.
Here's a Visual Representation Of Launching New Campaigns With Profitable Keywords Highlighted In Green

Scaling what’s working is crucial. By focusing on keywords that already bring in sales at a low cost, you can amplify your results without increasing your budget.

It’s about doubling down on success and squeezing every bit of profitability from your best-performing keywords.

3. Optimize Campaign Structure

Your campaign structure plays a crucial role in your PPC success. Here’s a blueprint for an effective structure:

  1. One Campaign, One Ad Group: This helps in better budget control and clearer performance tracking.
  2. Limit Keywords per Ad Group: No more than five keywords per ad group to ensure each keyword gets enough attention.
  3. Set a Decent Budget: Start with at least $100 per campaign. Increase budgets for campaigns with high ROAS to drive more sales.
Description For Graphic Designer Diagram Showing The Campaign Structure One Campaign One Ad Group And Five Keywords

A streamlined campaign structure ensures that your budget is utilized efficiently.

By keeping your campaigns focused and controlled, you can better monitor performance and make adjustments as needed.

This method prevents your budget from being spread too thin across too many keywords, ensuring each keyword gets the attention it deserves.

How Eva Can Help

Eva Commerce is your ultimate partner in optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns.

Our advanced AI platform integrates inventory levels, conversion rates, and profitability metrics to provide a context-aware advertising solution. With Eva, you can:

  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend: By automatically identifying and eliminating underperforming keywords.
  • Scale Profitably: With data-driven insights on the most effective search terms.
  • Optimize Campaigns: Through expert analysis and real-time adjustments.

As an Amazon Ad Agency, Eva offers comprehensive Amazon PPC Management services that ensure your campaigns are not only effective but also efficient.

Our experts work closely with you to understand your business goals and tailor strategies that align with your objectives.

From Amazon Listing Optimization to Amazon Product Launch Services, Eva has you covered.

Here's a Graphic Showing The Features Of Evas Ai Platform Emphasizing Inventory Integration Conversion Rate Tracking And Profitability Analysis


What is ACoS?

ACoS stands for Advertising Cost of Sales. It’s the percentage of your sales spent on advertising.

How do I identify underperforming keywords?

Use the search term report to filter keywords with high spend but no sales or high ACoS.

What is a good ACoS target?

It varies by category, but generally, an ACoS below 30% is considered good.

How often should I review my campaigns?

At least once a week to ensure you’re not wasting ad spend and to capitalize on profitable keywords.

Can Eva Commerce help with keyword optimization?

Yes, Eva’s AI platform automatically identifies and adjusts underperforming keywords.

What budget should I start with for new campaigns?

Start with at least $100 and adjust based on performance.

How do I use the search query performance report?

Access it through Brand Analytics to see how keywords are performing at each stage of the funnel.

Why should I limit the number of keywords per ad group?

To ensure each keyword receives adequate attention and optimization.

Can I use macros to manage my campaigns?

Yes, macros can simplify bulk uploads and keyword management.

What makes Eva different from other Amazon ad agencies?

Eva’s unique AI platform provides context-aware solutions integrating inventory and profitability metrics, unmatched by others.

Mastering Amazon PPC can be challenging, but by reducing underperforming keywords, scaling profitable search terms, and optimizing your campaign structure, you can achieve significant growth.

Eva Commerce is here to help you every step of the way with its cutting-edge AI platform and expert support.

Ready to take your Amazon advertising to the next level? Book your free consultation with Eva Commerce today.


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