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Elevate eCommerce PODCAST EP #1 | Profit Driven Advertising with Barry Guze

  • 2024 Jul 07
  • masoudmotamedi
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Elevate eCommerce PODCAST EP #1 | Profit Driven Advertising with Barry Guze


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Elevate Ecommerce Podcast
Elevate eCommerce PODCAST EP #1 | Profit Driven Advertising with Barry Guze

Summary of “Elevate eCommerce” Podcast Episode 1

In the first episode of “Elevate eCommerce,” Hai Mag, CEO and co-founder of EVA Commerce, and his co-founder Barry, discuss their journey and the unique value EVA Commerce brings to the eCommerce space. EVA Commerce, founded four years ago, has grown significantly, serving nearly 10,000 customers with a combination of technology and agency services.

Hai and Barry emphasize that EVA Commerce differentiates itself by combining strong technological capabilities with agency services. They stress the importance of using accurate data in eCommerce, particularly in marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair.

Barry shares his experience in the Amazon business and highlights the value of data-driven insights for successful eCommerce operations.
The conversation touches on the holistic approach EVA Commerce takes, focusing on four pillars: conversion, advertising, inventory, and profits.

They discuss the role of AI in automating and optimizing various aspects of eCommerce, from bid management to pricing and inventory forecasting. Hai and Barry believe that a profit-driven strategy is crucial for long-term success in eCommerce, especially given the increasing competition and tighter margins.

Barry introduces EVA Commerce’s advertising strategy, emphasizing the importance of profit-driven, omnichannel advertising. He explains how EVA uses AI to manage bids and pricing dynamically, particularly during high-stakes events like Amazon Prime Day. The goal is to maximize profits while providing accurate, real-time insights into expenses and net profits.

The discussion also covers conversion-focused advertising, where improving conversion rates can significantly impact advertising costs and overall profitability. Hai and Barry highlight the need for a combination of AI and human expertise to achieve the best results, particularly in optimizing product listings and managing ad campaigns.

Overall, the episode underscores EVA Commerce’s commitment to leveraging technology and data to provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions, aiming to help businesses thrive in a competitive marketplace.


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