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Eva’s Success Story | Episode 1 | with Co-founder and CEO Hai Mag

  • 2021 Aug 05
  • Hai Mag
  • Read Time: 2 minutes
  • Category: Guide
Eva’s Success Story | Episode 1 | with Co-founder and CEO Hai Mag


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Eva Commerce
Eva's Success Story | Episode 1 | with Co-founder and CEO Hai Mag

This podcast is also about Eva’s story, but this time from Hai’s perspective, Eva’s CEO. How did the idea for Eva pop up in his mind? In this episode, Eva’s goals and values ​​are discussed with Hai Mag. You will also get Success tips for eCommerce and Amazon businesses from Hai, who has unparalleled expertise and knowledge in internet-based markets such as Amazon.

 Eva is the only all-in-one solution to answer your needs to target the optimal target audience with the most appealing price that is profitable for you as well. How is Eva different from other platforms? What kind of people is struggling at Amazon? What kind of businesses are successful at Amazon? You can find it all in this podcast.

About Hai:

Hai is an eCommerce Entrepreneur and Investor with experience in different parts of the world. He is passionate about building a business from $0 to $1B ARR and loves the work of eCommerce businesses all around the world, who have had a dream and have worked hard to achieve it. Before co-founding Eva, during his 20+ years of experience, Hai Mag worked in various executive roles in Silicon Valley-based startup companies, and in Oracle, he was the Vice President Responsible for a $1B Business.

About Eva:

Eva’s Amazon Repricer is the new AI-powered software that takes advantage of machine learning to make pricing decisions that will maximize the sales and profit of your Amazon store. By choosing Eva to be the profit-booster of your Amazon business, you’ll have:

  • Flexible and Profitable Amazon Pricing with Eva:  If you run a small business on Amazon with a revenue of $19,500 and less than 20,000 SKUs on your listing, your total subscription price would be $49 a month.
  • Optimal Buy Box Sharing to Maximize Profits: Eva Intelligent Repricer analyzes the competition and makes the smartest decisions to maximize profits.
  • In-Depth Data in A Single Dashboard: Eva Sales Analytics is a free feature available with a single dashboard view that gathers all the sales data you need. 
  • Target Return Pricing based on ROI: Eva gets Product Costs and ROI expectations from you and instantly takes care of all Amazon fees.
  • Manage Both FBA and FBM Listings: Don’t let the in-build limitations of the software limit the potential of your Amazon success.
  • Dynamic Pricing for Private Labels: Unleash the power of AI-powered dynamic pricing for your Private Label store on Amazon.


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