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How Eva is Different from Informed.co ?

Eva is the AI-powered most affordable Amazon Management platform trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers as the best Informed.co alternative. Discover why more Amazon sellers trust Eva’s automatic repricing more than any other repricing tool, and many other unique features of Eva. Informed.co is great software with its functionality to A to Z. Today we are comparing Eva with Informed.co and the first thing you will discover is the uniqueness of Eva about Pricing solutions.

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Eva Vs Informed.co

It is our vision to leverage today’s newest technology in the most user friendly ways possible to make life easier for you.

Most importantly Eva Provides an all-in-one dashboard where you can manage the most important aspects of your Amazon Business.

Platform Comparison

Pricing Plans Starts atStarts from $49 / per month all features includedStarts from $49 / per month some features included
Free TrialOffers 15 days of free trial with all features includedOffers 14-day free trial
Supporting19 Amazon marketplaces13 Amazon marketplaces
Demand, Trend, Seasonality and Inventory Based PricingAdvantagesVery limited, primitive functionality
Automated Reactivation of Low / High Pricing SKUsAdvantagesNo Automatic Reactivation of Low/High Price SKUs
AI-Based Pricing with no rules no algorithms requiredAdvantagesOffers Algorithmic Pricing
Visualized Pricing monitoring for SellersAdvantagesDisdvantages.svg
Profit Analytics at SKU LevelAdvantagesDisdvantages.svg

How does Eva work ?

Why Do Our Users Enjoy Better Technology, Usability without Inflated Monthly Costs?

  • Automated Reactivation of Low / High Pricing SKUs
  • Visualized Pricing monitoring for Sellers
  • Faster repricing system among other programs

Demand Inventory Icon

Demand & Inventory Based Pricing

Inventory Based Pricing and Sales Velocity Based pricing for Private Label sellers and on exclusive to Seller deals.

Eva automatically solves the Buy Box Suppression problem and avoids hijackers.

Replenishment Icon

Replenishment Forecast

FBA Replenishment forecasting based on Profit Velocity and Stock Out avoidance optimization

Eva Artificial Intelligence simplifies that complex problem into a simulation and delivers the response in a few seconds.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Simple Bill

No Nickel and Dime Pricing

Eva Starts at $49/month for All Features

Visualized Competiton Icon

Powerful Data & Repricing

AI-Based Pricing has no rules no algorithms required that makes Eva extremely easy to use

Eva will decide the next best pricing action based on Data Analysis

Reimbursement Icon

Reimbursement & Analytics

AI-Detected Reimbursement Analytics

End to End reimbursement management

Actionable Insights Icon

Actionable Insights

Eva is an AI-based platform that analyzes the profits to have accurate profits at the Store and SKU level which is a unique feature of Eva.

Master your Inventory

Eva is an AI-based platform with accurate replenishment forecasts. Eva does inventory-based pricing that avoids the customers from stock-out alerts. Eva does profit analysis at the SKU level which is one of the main differentiating factors of Eva.

Eva is the only platform that provides;

  • Automated Reactivation of Low / High Pricing SKUs
  • Visualized Pricing monitoring for Sellers
  • Faster repricing system among other programs