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5 Steps to Perfect Your Amazon Product Inserts

5 Steps to Perfect Your Amazon Product Inserts


1. What are Amazon Product Inserts?

In a fast growing market like Amazon, even the smallest move goes a long way. I bet we have all seen those little cards that come with the packaging. Well, these are product inserts, and they can be powerful tools in the hands of experienced seller.

In short, Amazon product inserts are promotional or informational materials that sellers include alongside the product packaging. These could serve for many purposes from simple thank-you cards, discount codes to instructional guides, or even warranty details.

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Types of Product Inserts

Depending on their purpose, product inserts can be listed as:

  • Thank You Cards: Personalized messages to thank the customer for their purchase.
  • Feedback Cards: You can ask for product feedback or reviews.
  • Discount & Promotional Cards: Offers, discounts, or promotions for other products.
  • Instruction Manuals & Guides: Information on product use, care, and maintenance.

Benefits of Using Inserts

Including product inserts can:

  • Elevate the unboxing experience for customers.
  • Boost customer retention and encourage repeat business.
  • Serve as a direct communication channel with the buyer.
  • Enhance brand recall and visibility.
Here Is An Example For A Bright, Professional Insert Visua

2. Amazon Product Insert Policy

Amazon puts customer experience above all. Therefore, while it allows the use of product inserts, it has a clear set of rules that sellers must follow.

Official Guidelines

Amazon’s policies are designed to ensure a fair and consistent shopping experience. Aspects like manipulating product reviews or offering incentives in exchange for reviews are definitely against the platform’s terms.

Here Is Screenshot Amazon Insert Policy Reminder Discussion Page) (1)
Amazon Insert Policy Reminder Discussion Page

The Do’s & Don’ts


  • Be clear and concise in your message.
  • Provide genuine value to the customer.
  • Offer support or guarantee information.
  • Always keep in mind; its a direct conversation with your audiance.
  • Create visually attractive inserts.
  • Stick to a theme that suits with your brand.
  • Gratitude goes a long way! Send “thank you“s.


  • Avoid asking for only positive reviews.
  • Never offer something in exchange for reviews.
  • Don’t redirect customers off Amazon.

3. Why Product Inserts Matter: Direct Impact on Sales & Reviews

Inserts are not just about your brand but; they play a pivotal role in sales and customer feedback.

Boosting Reviews

By gently encouraging customers through inserts, you can increase the likelihood of them leaving product reviews, which in turn can elevate your product’s ranking on Amazon. And we must remember the importance of positive reviews on earning and keeping the Buy Box.

Check our blog to get more details on this topic.

Driving Sales

Strategically crafted inserts can also push additional sales. By cross-promoting products or offering discounts on future purchases, sellers can increase their revenue potential.

Here Is An Image For A Customer Happily Opening Amazon Packaging And We Can See A Card On It Representing Insert Cards

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

A well thought out insert can make the difference between a one time purchase and a loyal customer. By adding value through inserts, sellers can foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

4. Crafting Stellar Product Inserts

Your product insert needs to be impactful yet compliant with Amazon’s rules.

Key Design Elements

A successful product insert should:

  • Reflect your brand’s identity through a theme of colors, fonts, and graphics.
  • Be visually appealing, drawing the customer’s attention.
  • Have a clear call-to-action, guiding the customer on what to do next.
Here Is An Examples For Amazon Product Insert

Content is King

Ensure your insert’s content is:

  • Engaging and written in a language all your customers can relate to.
  • Honest and open, especially when requesting reviews.
  • Direct and to the point, avoiding unnecessary jargon.

Size & Format Considerations

Choose a format that aligns with your product and message, considering aspects like:

  • Product packaging size.
  • The amount of information to be shared.
  • Budgetary constraints.
  • Theme of your brand and how to reflect it on your insets.

Staying Within Amazon’s Boundaries

Lastly, always ensure your insert adheres to Amazon’s guidelines. Regularly revisiting and updating your inserts in line with policy changes can save you from potential pitfalls.


Amazon product inserts, when used wisely, can significantly improve your brand presence and sales on the platform. Whether you’re thanking a customer, soliciting a review, or cross-selling, the humble product insert can be a game-changer for your business on Amazon.


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