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How To Profit From Amazon Audio Advertising

How To Profit From Amazon Audio Advertising


With over 90 million smart speaker owners in the United States, there’s an incredible opportunity to reach a large, engaged audience through Amazon audio advertising. It’s an effective way to engage with existing and new customers if you understand how to use it in your marketing strategy.

Consider this fact: over half of smart speaker owners engage with audio ads, which gives you an incredible opportunity to reach customers with targeted messaging. But making the most out of Amazon audio advertising is not as straightforward as it may seem.

That’s why we’ll explore how to use Amazon audio advertising to your advantage, from understanding how it works to strategies for boosting your profits. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand how to make the most of Amazon audio advertising and start profiting from it.

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How Amazon Audio Advertising Work

amazon audio ads

Like Radio ads with a high-tech spin, Amazon audio ads are short ads on Alexa-enabled devices. Audio ads can be played between podcast episodes, audiobooks, and music streamed from Amazon Music and other services.

In addition to promoting ads from Alexa-enabled devices, the Amazon Audio program also uses streaming platforms like Twitch and Amazon Publisher Direct to target potential customers when they are watching their favorite live streams or listening to content.

Each ad is between 10 to 30 seconds and unskippable, ensuring that the audience will be exposed to your message. Audio ads are also focused on engagement, so they’re built with a call-to-action (CTA) in mind, and most are interactive.

When someone engages with an ad by asking for more information or interacting with it, the advertiser pays Amazon for the engagement. Through the Amazon Marketing Cloud, advertisers can determine how often audio ads are played and who they’re placed in front of.

How Do You Purchase Audio Ads?

amazon audio advertising

First, you must create an Amazon advertising account (or use your existing one). Once you have the account, you can access the Amazon DSP dashboard to manage all your campaigns, monitor results, and make changes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the DSP program, please note it’s for advanced Amazon advertisers. To purchase audio ads, your brand typically works with an Amazon Ads account executive with a budget of over $50,000. Therefore, this option is mainly for established brands or those willing to invest in their Amazon advertising funnel.

Creating a campaign is simple. You’ll provide an audio ad and a banner that appears on Fire TV and other Alexa displays to your account executive. If you’re unsure how to create these, the account executive will help you. Once approved, your ad will run, and you can track the metrics like any other type of Amazon ad.

3 Strategies to help you profit from Amazon Audio Advertising

So, how can you make the most out of Amazon audio ads? Here are three key strategies:

1. Gain Access To Buyer’s Alexa-Powered Living Rooms, Bedrooms, & Kitchens

With an active audience of 90 million and 50% of the listening audience engaging with audio ads, you can reach buyers in their living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

This offers a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers more intimately. If your brand targets younger generations, it’s essential to consider audio ads as they are often the primary source of entertainment and information.

Start by researching your ideal customer and the programming they consume.

This will help you determine when and how often to place your audio ads, such as during popular podcasts or music streaming playlists.

And if you struggle to find data, that’s where an account executive comes in to help you understand the best placement for your ads.

2. Expand Your Reach Using Ad-Supported Audio Streaming Devices

amazon audio advertising

Not all your advertising campaigns will have the goal of generating immediate sales using an Alexa-powered touchscreen. Sometimes, you’ll want to cast a wide net to reach new customers and build brand awareness in your marketing funnel.

Ad-supported audio streaming devices like Amazon Echo are great for this purpose, as listeners don’t need to interact with your ad to be exposed to it. This allows you to spread the word quickly, even if people don’t have an Alexa-enabled device in their homes.

3. Benefit From The Strong Brand Experience That Alexa Delivers

While not as many people listen to the radio as years prior, a strong brand experience still exists with Alexa.

Many Alexa-powered devices available today allow users to ask questions, play music, and even order products using the voice assistant.

This creates an intimate connection between buyers and Alexa-powered devices, increasing conversion rates and trust.

By investing in audio ads, you can create a strong brand experience that capitalizes on this connection and leverages the trust Alexa has built with customers to convert new customers.


Now you understand the benefits of Amazon audio advertising and three key strategies to ensure you make the most out of your ad campaigns.

Although it might feel daunting at first, the rewards are worth it. Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness or generate immediate sales, Amazon audio ads can help you reach new customers and keep existing ones coming back.


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