How To Increase Amazon Reviews in 2021

How to Increase Amazon Reviews in 2021

The importance of Amazon reviews in encouraging sales cannot be overstated. They have a significant influence on the Buy Box performance of your items, which has a considerable impact on the visibility of your listings.

They also assist in the conversion of buyers. Seventy-two percent of customers wait until they’ve read reviews of a product before making a purchase. Said, the more Amazon reviews you have, the more sales you will have! However, Amazon changed Reviews to Ratings in 2020. Customers now have the option of providing a star rating instead of a written review. Amazon’s review standards have evolved in recent years, and with the Early Reviewer program set to be phased out in 2021, many sellers are asking what they can do to improve ratings and drive sales.

I think a customer may leave a star rating far faster than they can write a review. As a result, getting ratings on Amazon has become more accessible. Ratings also tend to be more favorable than reviews. Overall, sellers have benefited from the shift to ratings.

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to get new reviews for your listings. 

So, let’s look at practical strategies to increase your Amazon review count in 2021!

Use Product Insert

Product inserts are one of the simplest ways to increase your Amazon review count. The most excellent part about product inserts is that you can contact each consumer and seek a review. You can put a product insert as a little card within your product’s package. You add a brief “thank you” remark on the card and politely request that the consumer submit a review. A QR code with a link to the product review page or a landing page could be included on your product insert. Make an effort to design something attractive. A nice-looking, nice-feeling product insert is preferable to a worthless piece of paper.

Product inserts are fantastic for encouraging consumers to write a review. Still, you should avoid using if/then statements in the insert wording, such as “If you leave us a review, we’ll extend your warranty.” Asking consumers to register their item for an extended warranty in exchange for their email is a successful and reasonably risk-free approach to employ inserts. You may then include them in an email auto-responder series to remind them to write a review.

Amazon sends merchants a threatening email, telling them not to utilize inserts to solicit good ratings. You may still remind the consumer to write a review; you can’t urge them to leave a good one.

Use the “Request a Review” Button

Amazon has introduced a new tool that enables merchants to request reviews for their orders. The button is named “Request a Review.” So, how does this affect sellers? Amazon allows vendors to seek reviews from customers, but only under certain conditions. You may finish it by just pressing the button, and Amazon will send the emails to you using a pre-written email template. You can only use this button once! It’s also only accessible 4 to 30 days following the order’s delivery date.

It is entirely compliant with Amazon’s review criteria and comes highly recommended. However, it’s ideal if you spend a lot of time pressing this button and sending emails one by one, with no follow-up emails.

Create an Email List

You’ll need to discover alternative means to interact with your customers now that the seller message system and third-party automatic responses have been limited. Although building an email list is a long-term commitment, it may be highly beneficial.

It isn’t easy initially, but once you’ve gathered enough email addresses from your first product, it’ll be much easier. You may then send emails to everyone on the list, using the advertisements you’ve generated to drive traffic to your landing page or other websites and persuade visitors to sign up for your services in return for discounts, among other things. Of course, you’ll need to invest in a landing page and a separate website for this to be truly effective.

Fortunately, there are several ways to build an email list, even if it takes some time. First, through social media, you may create one. You may also start a blog and encourage folks to sign up for updates. Another common strategy is to provide product inserts in everyday items to encourage consumers to sign up for your mailing list. Finally, you can ask customers who have purchased from you for reviews after you have a mailing list.

Amazon Reviews 1

Provide Discounted Products and Product Giveaways

You may improve the number of sales and reviews for your items by offering significant discounts. We recommend pricing all your prices with a 25% discount upon releasing them to obtain better initial sales.

It’s a fragile line to walk when it comes to getting your product pricing just right. However, customers are most happy when you priced your products reasonably, neither too high nor low.

Of course, everyone appreciates a bargain. According to studies, customers who receive a $10 coupon have higher oxytocin levels and are happy. When customers post a review, you want them to feel that way. While you can’t encourage people to submit a review in return for a discount, you may include discount coupons in your usual advertising approach.

Offering exclusive introductory pricing to your email subscribers, similar to Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, is a great way to get your products noticed. Then, once they’ve made a purchase, send them an email asking them to leave a review on Amazon. You may also provide frequent discounts on your items throughout the year and increase your review requests during these periods to organically produce more favorable feedback. By the way, product discounts are an excellent method to expand your client base: 90% of buyers believe that if they have a coupon, they are more likely to try a new product.

Use Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine program, exclusively available to brand-registered merchants and products with less than 30 reviews, was launched in December 2019. To utilize Vine, go to Seller Central’s Advertising option and enroll your goods. Then you offer free your goods to Vine Voices members (people with a history of providing insightful reviews). Enrollment will cost $200 per product starting in October 2021. It was free until October 2021, but it’s still a good deal compared to the $2500 it used to cost Vendor Central clients.

Once you’ve decided to join the program, you’ll need to send Amazon up to 30 units, which will be tested and evaluated by Vine reviewers whose feedback is valued by both Amazon and its members.

Amazon created the system to allow merchants to assess the sustainability of pre-released products while also giving prospective buyers unbiased and independent product quality feedback.

Amazon Vine is the only way to get feedback; nevertheless, Vine reviewers are harsher than regular customers, with ratings below 4-stars not unusual.

Ask Reviews from Past Customers Who Have Left Positive Seller Feedback

Many Amazon buyers don’t know the difference between seller feedback and product reviews. At some time, we’ve all read product reviews left under Seller Feedback. It’s critical to keep an eye on your seller feedback regularly.

Request product reviews from all customers who have provided good seller feedback, especially those who have written product reviews, by email. Do not miss them! We recommend including an attachment like this to your emails that explains how to submit product evaluations. Only a tiny percentage of purchasers provide comments, and those who have provided feedback to the seller are more likely to do so again.

Remember to Respect the Laws

Product reviews on Amazon are taken extremely seriously. Many vendors have been banned from the marketplace because of review manipulation.

It’s critical to know the difference between legal and black hat approaches while obtaining Amazon reviews.


In the last year, the scenario for acquiring Amazon reviews has drastically shifted. As a result, launching items has become much more difficult, but this is a positive thing for many sellers because it keeps out a large percentage of the competitors.

Reviews play a significant role in winning the ‘Buy Box’ and account health of your store, to win the Buy Box and keep your account health as good as possible you can contact us! Our team of Amazon Experts will be happy to help you! 

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