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Simple & Actionable Tips to MASTER Amazon Advertising in 2023
  • 2023 Apr 05
  • Robert Runyon

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to buckle up and get ready to take notes, because this episode of the State of eCommerce is going to be a wild ride! 🔥🚀 Our guest today is none other than Sammy Akhtar, the Amazon advertising guru from Regrow. Sammy & Robert will dive deep into the world of […]

The 5-Step Full-Funnel Amazon Advertising Strategy
  • 2023 Mar 28
  • Robert Runyon

Amazon advertising funnels and, more specifically, full-funnel advertising strategies help Marketplace sellers reach their customers at every stage of the customer journey. If you’ve ever wondered how Amazon advertising funnels work and how to use them to build a more profitable brand, that’s exactly what we’re discussing today. By the end of this article, you’ll […]

How To Profit From Amazon Audio Advertising
  • 2023 Mar 06
  • Robert Runyon

With over 90 million smart speaker owners in the United States, there’s an incredible opportunity to reach a large, engaged audience through Amazon audio advertising. It’s an effective way to engage with existing and new customers if you understand how to use it in your marketing strategy. Consider this fact: over half of smart speaker […]

3 Best Bid Strategies on Amazon DSP
  • 2022 May 18
  • Robert Runyon

To get the most out of Amazon DSP, you need a strong bidding strategy that wins the ad placements you need despite aggressive competitors and market fluctuations. This blog post shows you how to develop a winning Amazon DSP bidding strategy to get the best ad placements and usher highly motivated leads right into your […]

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