Amazon A+ Content: 6 Optimization Tips by Experts to Rock Amazon!

Amazon A+ Content: 6 Optimization Tips by Experts to Rock Amazon!


Amazon is a competitive eCommerce platform, and it’s always important to optimize your content to get the most out of your sales. This blog post will share six optimization tips by experts to help you rock Amazon! Whether you’re just starting out on Amazon or you’ve been selling for a while, these tips will help you write Amazon A+ to convert interested browsers into paying customers.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon’s A+ Content is a free service that allows Amazon sellers to improve the appearance of their product detail pages. Shoppers use product description pages to obtain information about things before purchasing. In addition, sellers can integrate multimedia information such as photographs, videos, comparison tables, and more in their rich text.

Amazon sellers may not only help customers with their product searches, but they can also express their brand identity on their product detail pages. To separate themselves from their competitors on Amazon’s marketplace, Amazon sellers can promote their brand story and value proposition. Creating a different and trustworthy brand name can lead to repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Improved product description pages have increased conversions. According to Amazon, A+ content improves an item’s sales by 3%–10%. Amazon sellers who do not use the free service are passing up opportunities to enhance their profits and attract net new consumers. Creating exciting Content is critical for converting on-the-fence consumers and increasing purchases.

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Benefits of Amazon A+ Content for Your Business

If the ASIN brings in much revenue, spending a fraction of the revenue is insufficient. Creating Amazon A+ content is an excellent investment to increase conversion rates and get an appealing look for the product detail page.

Sometimes the price of the item will help determine whether it is worth the investment. For example, it’s worth the investment if you can only sell a few units to cover costs. If you have to sell an additional 1,500 units, it may not be worth the investment. If it’s not making much money, adding A+ content shouldn’t be the best way to increase ASIN revenue.

amazon a+ content Competition:

If a competitor has Amazon A+ content, adding an A+ will be a way to match market movements and increase your competitiveness. If other ASINs don’t, but the revenue you’re generating makes sense to reinvest in content, consider it a way to differentiate your page.

what is amazon a+ content Complexity:

The product is technology, equipment, or a product with many features and functions that are difficult to convey in bullet points, images, and text. In that case, using an A+ to explain further can actually help a product make a sale.

amazon a+ content Compare:

Often in categories where A+ content is typical, Amazon maintains its product comparison widget that compares its product to similar products from other competitors.

However, there may often be similar products in your own line that the customer should also consider. In the Amazon A+ content, you can create your comparison widget, which will compare your products to others in your line. This is an excellent way to interchange your products to match what Amazon is doing to your page. But how can you come up with proper A+ content on Amazon? Here are 6 expert tips:

1. Provide Content That Is Clear and Succinct

Product titles, bullets, and descriptions should be brief in Amazon A+ content. The suggested length for product names is 80 characters and should include the brand name, product name, and distinctive features. Bullets should be 150 characters long and point out key product features that buyers have expressed an interest in – a total of five bullets.

Creating a different and trustworthy brand name can lead to repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Buyers will have a better experience with your product listing if the information is clear and concise.

amazon a+ content

2. Use Product Reviews and FAQs to your advantage.

Read your product reviews and FAQs extensively and the thoughts and FAQs on similar goods from your rivals to obtain insight on product features to emphasize or clarify. Reviewing client feedback allows you to understand better the aspects that customers appreciate in a particular product. Use information from product reviews and FAQs in your bullets to help customers make purchasing decisions.

3. Communicate Brand Identity

To separate your business from the competition, displaying your brand identity on your product detail pages is critical. Communicating your business’s narrative and value proposition can assist you in developing a distinct brand image and gaining customer trust.

4. Make Use of SEO Keywords

To boost organic results, incorporate search-dominant keywords into your Amazon A+ content. You can enhance your listings’ product discoverability by establishing a search engine optimization plan. This approach, however, will need continual changes to stay up with top-performing search keywords. Create an SEO plan that includes commonly used search phrases to boost your product ranks.

5. Use High-Quality Images and Lifestyle Videos

Product pictures and videos are valuable marketing tools for promoting your items. We recommend adding high-quality photos with at least 1,000 DPI to avoid blurring if customers utilize Amazon’s zoom-in capability. Include at least four pictures per product, all with a simple white backdrop.

6. Cross-Sell Products

 Within your Content, you have the opportunity to cross-sell your items. In addition, Amazon A+ Content provides modules that allow you to add various elements to your product description pages, such as comparison charts. Comparing charts may be helpful if you have a broad product range.

You may highlight essential features for each product to assist clients in selecting the best item for their needs while also encouraging them to purchase from your firm. In addition, cross-selling your goods can help increase margins for different ASINs in your inventory.

what is amazon a+ content

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to Amazon A+ content:

  • With a recent update, Amazon A+ Content Manager will allow you to see a preview of both your desktop and mobile version on the same screen.
  • You are not allowed to mention your competitors or their products on your pages.
  • Amazon reserves the right to remove your A+ page at any time. But most of the time, this happens only if a seller chooses to close their account, fails to fulfill orders on time, or violates Amazon’s terms and conditions.
  • Amazon A+ content has nothing to do with your page ranking because A+ content is not indexed on Amazon.
  • Once the page is live, any changes or modifications are allowed only in the publication’s first two business days.
  • You must submit your Amazon A+ content within one month of confirming your purchase to qualify for the promotion.
  • The content you submit (both text and images) must be unique.
  • You’ll have to pay more to create A+ advanced content for items from other vendors already listed.


Amazon A+ Content is one of several free tools that may significantly improve your product information pages. Optimized product listings provide consumers with a better browsing experience and aid in purchasing decisions. As a result, shoppers may make more informed judgments and are more inclined to buy from companies with rich information than competitors who do not meet the same standards.

So if you want to stay ahead of the competition on Amazon, it’s always essential to create high-quality Amazon A+ content. These tips will help you write Amazon A+ that converts browsers into paying customers. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss Eva’s free PPC audit and how to take your Amazon advertising strategy to the next level.