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No Inventory? No Problem! Learn How To Sell on Amazon Without It
  • 2023 Jun 27
  • Robert Runyon

Are you ready to unlock the potential of selling on Amazon without the burden of inventory? If you’ve been longing to dive into the world of eCommerce but find the idea of managing physical stock overwhelming, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to sell on Amazon without inventory, […]

5 Advanced Amazon Ads Bidding Strategies To Pay Less & Convert More!
  • 2023 Jun 12
  • Robert Runyon

Are you losing money on ineffective Amazon Ads bidding strategies? Missing out on potential sales and wasting your hard-earned advertising budget can be frustrating and costly.  But fear not! This action-packed blog post will reveal five advanced Amazon Ads bidding strategies to help you pay less and convert more.  Keep reading if you’re ready to […]

CPG Companies: Should You Take Amazon as Opportunity or Threat?
  • 2023 Apr 20
  • Robert Runyon

As Amazon grows in popularity, it’s no surprise that CPG companies are taking notice. But should these brands see the Amazon marketplace as an opportunity or a threat? This is a hotly debated question within the industry, and the answer isn’t always clear. This blog post will take a look at both sides of the […]

Crush the Competition on Amazon: Expert Tips for Standing Out & Boosting Sales! đź’Ą
  • 2023 Apr 18
  • Robert Runyon

Attention all Amazon sellers! Are you struggling to stand out in the crowded and competitive marketplace? Do you feel like your products are getting lost in the shuffle? Well, worry no more because we have the ultimate solution for you! âś… Join us on our latest podcast episode, where Robert Runyon and Andreas Schreiter from BidX share […]

Improve Brand Performance With Amazon Flywheel Model
  • 2023 Mar 20
  • Robert Runyon

If there’s one thing Amazon has mastered, it’s how to dominate the eCommerce market. But what is its secret? This blog post will discuss Amazon’s “flywheel” effect and how you can use it to benefit your own business. Read on to learn more! What Is Flywheel Strategy? The Flywheel strategy (also known as Growth Flywheel) […]

What is Amazon Prime Day? [Ultimate Guide 2023]
  • 2023 Jan 05
  • Robert Runyon

Is your business getting ready for Amazon Prime Day 2023? If not, you should be! This year’s event is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. This blog tells you all you need to know about Prime Day before the big day arrives because nobody wants to miss out on all the […]

Amazon Belgium: Step-By-Step Guide for New Sellers in 2023
  • 2022 Nov 09
  • Robert Runyon

Amazon Belgium just launched, and you may be wondering how to take advantage of this biggest store in human history! This post provides a step-by-step guide to launching your business on Amazon Belgium in 2023 . We cover everything from registering as a seller to setting up your business page and listing your products. Read […]

Amazon België: Stap-voor-stap gids voor nieuwe verkopers
  • 2022 Nov 09
  • Robert Runyon

Amazon BelgiĂ« is net gelanceerd en u vraagt zich misschien af hoe u kunt profiteren van deze grootste winkel in de menselijke geschiedenis! In deze post geven we een stap-voor-stap gids voor de lancering van uw bedrijf op Amazon BelgiĂ« in 2022. We behandelen alles van het registreren als verkoper tot het opzetten van uw […]

Amazon Belgique : Guide Ă©tape par Ă©tape pour les Nouveaux Vendeurs
  • 2022 Nov 09
  • Robert Runyon

Amazon Belgique vient d’être lancĂ© et vous vous demandez peut-ĂŞtre comment tirer parti de ce plus grand magasin de l’histoire de l’humanitĂ© ! Dans ce post, nous allons fournir un guide Ă©tape par Ă©tape pour lancer votre entreprise sur Amazon Belgique en 2022. Nous couvrirons tout, de l’inscription en tant que vendeur Ă  la configuration […]

Selling Clothes on Amazon: Returns Solution
  • 2022 Oct 21
  • Robert Runyon

As an Amazon seller, you know that clothes are a big seller. But do you know how to get the most out of this lucrative market? This post will show you how to sell clothes on Amazon and provide a solution for dealing with returns. Why Should You Sell Clothes on Amazon? Before we get […]

Amazon Choice vs Best Seller
  • 2022 Oct 19
  • Robert Runyon

There’s a lot of talk among eCommerce sellers about “Amazon Choice vs Best Seller.” But what do they mean, and which should you care more about? Here’s a breakdown of each and how to help you find out which one’s better for you based on your business goals What is the Amazon Choice Badge? Amazon’s […]

CPG Startups: Now It’s the Best Time to Sell on Amazon!
  • 2022 Oct 07
  • Robert Runyon

Amazon is the perfect place for CPG startups to sell their products. With over 300 million active users, Amazon is a major retail player. And with Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, it’s only going to become more important for CPG startups to sell on Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll explain why selling on […]

Seller Central vs Vendor Central: Beginner’s Guide for Amazon Sellers
  • 2022 Sep 16
  • Robert Runyon

Are you an Amazon seller considering using Vendor Central instead of Seller Central? This guide is for you! In this post, we compare and contrast Seller Central vs Vendor Central, allowing you to make an informed decision on which is best for your business. We also share some tips on how to get started with […]

Amazon FBA vs Dropshipping: Which Brings More Profit for You?
  • 2022 Jun 01
  • Robert Runyon

Which is better for your business: Amazon FBA vs Dropshipping? In this blog post, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each and introduce an alternative to both so you can make the best decision for your company. Stay tuned! What is Amazon Dropshipping Amazon dropshipping is a business model in which eCommerce entrepreneurs […]

How Amazon Fulfillment Services Can Benefit Your Business
  • 2022 May 30
  • Robert Runyon

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that fulfillment services are a big part of the process. But do you know you can outsource the whole fulfillment process? This saves you a massive amount of time and effort to invest in thriving your business instead of maintaining it. In this blog post, we’ll take a […]

Amazon Pricing Strategy: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition
  • 2022 May 23
  • Robert Runyon

Success in the Amazon marketplace depends on many factors, but the price is the first and most important one that catches customers’ attention. So what’s your strategy for pricing to make both customers and your wallet happy? It can be tough to figure out the right pricing strategy, especially when competitors, customers, and Amazon constantly […]

5 Amazon Inventory Management Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line
  • 2022 May 20
  • Robert Runyon

Well-functioning inventory management is the foundation of any successful business on Amazon. Without paying enough attention to this matter, you’ll have to constantly deal with stockouts, old inventory, failed PPC campaigns, and disappointed customers that churn toward your competitors who know how to manage their inventory! This blog gives you 5 vital tips to fine-tune […]

3 Best Bid Strategies on Amazon DSP
  • 2022 May 18
  • Robert Runyon

To get the most out of Amazon DSP, you need a strong bidding strategy that wins the ad placements you need despite aggressive competitors and market fluctuations. This blog post shows you how to develop a winning Amazon DSP bidding strategy to get the best ad placements and usher highly motivated leads right into your […]

Amazon Memorial Day Sale: Tips for Sellers to Increase Profit
  • 2022 May 17
  • Robert Runyon

As an Amazon seller, you’re probably aware of the Memorial Day sale that’s coming up. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your profits, but it might be tricky to know how to take advantage of it. This blog post will give you actionable tips for maximizing your profit during the Amazon memorial day sale.  […]

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